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Mondays during football season are busy, so expect more and more content as the season progresses. I figured this year, it’s good to hold myself accountable. So each Monday, I’ll out myself for 5 of my worst takes the week before. But I’ll also include some of my best takes to prove that I occasionally know what I’m talking about. So here we go for Week 1.

Miss #1 – I Might Have Been A Year Early On My Andrew Luck MVP Take

So before the season started I said Andrew Luck was my dark horse for MVP. He actually looked very good on Sunday. I was surprised, because I thought he’d need another week or two to shake off the rust. But then I was reminded that the rest of this roster is still bad. Worse than I thought. There’s still plenty of time left, but for now, I look foolish.

Hit #1 – But Patrick Mahomes

I had two scorching takes coming in to the year. We’ll get to my other one that isn’t looking so hot, but I was on the Patrick Mahomes bandwagon well before everybody else. He looked pretty good Week 1. I expect him to keep it up. But next week will be a tough challenge for him in Pittsburgh.

Miss #2 – I Told You Sam Bradford Was A Sleeper This Week… Sorry

I figured he could put up a decent stat line this week. Maybe 230 yards and a couple of TDs, which would be nice value from the 24th ranked QB in a DFS league. Well… Bradford finished with a whopping 153 yards and a whole 0 touchdowns. My other sleeper Andy Dalton did well, and Jared Goff should light it up tonight but… this one was bad.

Hit #2 – How About That Young Browns Defense?

I put out a video during the off season about the Browns possibly having a top 5 defense this year. 6 forced turnovers is a nice start, especially against one of the top offenses in football. The weather certainly played a factor, but with all of this youth, the Browns still have room to grow as the season progresses.

Miss #3 – I Was Probably Too High On Anthony Miller

I’m still convinced he will have his moments this year, but I expected to see him used a lot more last night for the Bear’s opener. They used him more as a decoy, and gave a lot of his touches to Taylor Gabriel instead. It appears that for now Nagy favors the veterans. Miller could earn more opportunities as the year progresses, but I was obviously too bullish right off the bat.

Hit #3 – The Ravens Hold The Bills To Single Digits

I’m not super proud of this one, because I’m sure I’m not the only one to predict it. Still, it’s not easy holding any team to 3 points in a season opener, when every team is fresh and every coaching staff has brand new tricks to throw out. I said the Ravens would hold the Bills to under 10, and they did. I’ll take it.

Miss #4 – Deshaun Watson Might Need Some Time

I was very convinced that Watson would come out swinging against the Patriots defense. I promised you all that the over would hit, and it did not. Watson was disappointing in his season debut, and I expected otherwise.

Hit #4 – The Broncos Handle Business In Week 1

The Seahawks were a trendy upset pick for Week 1, because Russell Wilson is in fact better than Case Keenum. Aside from his 3 interceptions, this game went exactly how I predicted for Case. He lit it up and his defense dominated. Russell Wilson did Russell Wilson things, but it wasn’t enough. The Broncos will continue to look competent on offense until about Week 5 or 6 when coaches figure out how to take advantage of Case’s limitations.

Miss #5 – Florida Proves Me Wrong

I had the Buccaneers and Dolphins as two of the worst teams in football before the season started. I could still be right, but Week 1 proved otherwise. Miami looked very complete on Sunday, and Tampa Bay lit up what we all thought was a good Saints defense. Week 2 could be disastrous for both teams, but for now I need to take this L with grace.

Hit #5 – I Told You All Matt Ryan Is (SLIGHTLY) Overrated

Before the season started, I had the AUDACITY to rank Matt Ryan at #14 on my quarterback list. Ryan will have better days this season, but he did not take advantage of his opportunities during the season opener. Despite a vicious Eagles pass rush, his offensive line held up, and his receivers are as talented as you could ask for. A better QB would have done more in my opinion, which is why Ryan will remain around the middle of the pack for me.

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