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I can’t believe Week 1 is already over, but here we are. And just like every season, expect to see a ton of overreactions over the next week until the season starts to make more sense. Here are ten takes you might see throughout the week that you shouldn’t take too seriously just yet.

The Saints Are Awful On Defense

Anybody who says they weren’t shocked by the 48-40 victory by Tampa Bay is a liar. Sure, I was too low on the Bucs heading in to the season, but nobody could have seen this coming. This was a very concerning performance for New Orleans, but it doesn’t mean they suddenly lack talent. Let’s give it a few weeks before we crown them the worst defense of all time.

Deshaun Watson Was A Fluke

176 yards on 50% completions doesn’t inspire confidence for the Watson hype train, myself included. But he looked better as the game progressed and nearly pulled off a comeback. His offensive line did him no favors, which is where the REAL concern lies, but Watson should be back to his normal self within another few weeks after he shakes off the rust.

Adrian Peterson is BACK!

26 carries and 166 total yards was enough for Peterson to shoot back on to everybody’s radar for the week. He looked powerful and explosive, I will not deny that. But it’s a long season. Remember Week 1 last year? Will he maintain this type of play for 17 weeks? I wouldn’t bet on it.

Saquon Barkley Is The Best Rookie Running Back Ever

I really need to make this clear. I like Barkley. A lot, and he is a rare talent. But if people continue to act like he’s the next Ladainian Tomlinson merged with Walter Payton merged with Marshaul Faulk, I’ll have to take the other side to balance the scales. Take away his 68 yard touchdown, and he averaged 2.2 yards per carry on 17 attempts. That will be the reality some weeks, he won’t break off a big touchdown ever single week. You know what would have been more useful? Consistent 5 yard gains that put Eli Manning in short yardage situations. Call me a hater, but I stand by it.

The 49ers Were Overrated All Offseason, Jimmy G Is A Fraud

3 interceptions. Not good. 45% completions. Also not good. Jimmy G was not good on Sunday, although he did have one phenomenal touchdown throw to Dante Pettis. But this Vikings defense does this to a lot of great offenses. They held Los Angeles to 7 last season. This was the worst possible match-up for the 49ers to start the season with. It’ll get easier from here.

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