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So earlier today, I posted an article pointing out some overreactions you’ll likely see over the next few days. So here’s some overreactions. Seriously though, here are some things I noticed over the weekend. It’s tough to form too many takeaways because there are overreactions and things we already know. You really need me to tell you that we learned that Aaron Rodgers is good?

Bear’s Coach Matt Nagy Has A Lot To Learn

Sunday night was a roller coaster ride for Bears fans. For one half of football, the Bears looked exactly how I expected them to. Trubisky looked comfortable, they were running the ball with ease, and Nagy had some creative formations and play calls. But once Aaron Rodgers returned, he appeared timid, as did Trubisky. I hate using the term “choke”, and it’s unfair here because Rodgers is so good, but they did appear to crumble under pressure with conservative play calling. This team has all of the potential in the world, but they need to take more risks in the future. Also, throw the ball to Anthony Miller (so maybe I was a little high on him).

You Thought I Wouldn’t Bring Up Mahomes?

256 Yards and 4 touchdowns, not a bad start at all for the future of the league? It wasn’t perfect, but he made some very impressive throws and Tyreke Hill appears to be the perfect wide receiver for him. Andy Reid had fun with the playbook as well. The Chiefs may not keep up the winning, but they proved to be must watch TV for a while.

The Ravens Could Be A Contender

Sure, it’s the Bills. But how often do we see teams get stomped like this in Week 1? When both teams are fresh, optimistic, and healthy? Also, Nathan Peterman has nothing to do with the fact that Joe Flacco played a great game against a defense that has plenty of talent. The Ravens aren’t going to win every game by 40, and their schedule gets tougher as the season progresses. But they definitely proved that they’re worth keeping an eye on. This week against Cincinnati will be huge.

The Browns Have A Defense That Will Cause Fits All Year

Will they force 6 turnovers every week? Absolutely not. But Myles Garrett was unstoppable on Sunday. Denzel Ward performed very admirably against Antonio Brown for a lot of the game. This defense was pressuring Big Ben all game, and they should be able to replicate that in the future. And as Josh Gordon gets healthier, this offense should improve. The Browns might not be a laughing stock anymore.

People Slept On Washington Too Much

I’m still not sure if they can keep it up all year, because their schedule is brutal towards the second half. But I was shocked that Washington entered Arizona as basically an underdog. Plenty of people picked Arizona too. Now did I think Washington would look this good on defense? No. But I did know that Alex Smith is a proven winner, and he looked solid in his Washington debut. No surprise that he had no time adjusting, and will likely continue to be consistent throughout the year. While the Giants and Cowboys disappointed, Washington came out looking like the biggest threat to Philly.

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