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It’s finally that time of year. A time to gather together and talk trash as we dominate our opponents in fantasy football. I figured rather than going with the classic “Start Em, Sit Em”, I’d just give you some sleepers each week. This applies to whether your playing DFS and you want to top load your team, or regular leagues where your dealing with some injuries already. Also, all of these are based on PPR scoring format.

Rankings From The Fanduel App

*Sleeper Of The Week (At Each Position)


Jared Goff @ Oakland (10th Ranked QB)*

There’s so few QBs to start with, so I’ll reach on this one. Goff could easily be the #1 QB this week. He’s got plenty of pieces surrounding him and his coach, who happens to be one of the most brilliant offensive minds in the NFL, has had extra time to prepare for this game. Against an awful defense. You should start him.

Andy Dalton @ Indianapolis (17th Ranked QB)

I think the Colts win this game, but that doesn’t change the fact that their defense is a mess. Dalton is a nice option if you drafted Wentz early or want to save some money in a DFS league.

Sam Bradford Vs. Washington (24th Ranked QB)

Bradford falls so far in fantasy because his injuries are like taxes; they come every year whether you like it or not. Still, he’s healthy as of now and he’s at home against a middle of the pack defense. His value is solid for a one game rental in a DFS league.


Running Back


Kenyan Drake Vs. Tennessee (18th Ranked RB)*

I’m not sure if Drake qualifies as a sleeper, but I’m surprised he’s ranked at 18. He should be a top 10 starter

Jamaal Williams Vs. Chicago (28th Ranked RB)

I don’t know how I feel about him as a player, and I like the Bear’s defense. But the Packers will score. A lot. They’re the Packers. And with Aaron Jones out, Williams should see plenty of action. This is a nice value pick up.

Carlos Hyde Vs. Pittsburgh (34th Ranked RB)

I’m worried about Hyde because of his injury history, but that shouldn’t affect him in this one game. He’ll likely be the lead back in this one, and he’s talented enough to make noise behind a good offensive line. This is excellent value.

Peyton Barber @ New Orleans (41st Ranked RB)

Barber appears to be the starter as of today. I don’t trust any running back long term in Tampa, but for one game, he’s worth a flier if your desperate or if you want a super cheap option in DFS.

Bilal Powell @ Detroit (50th Ranked RB)

Everything I said about Barber applies to Powell. This is emphasized by the fact that Isaiah Crowell will not play, so take advantage if you want to load up on wideouts.

Nyheim Hines Vs Cincinnati (53rd Ranked RB)

With Marlon Mack out, Hines will likely be the main back on third downs. He could see some action as a receiving threat. If it’s a full PPR league, he’s worth the gamble if you’re low on options. He gives you a ton of DFS flexibility as well.


Wide Receiver


Robert Woods @ Oakland (28th Ranked WR)

The Rams are going to light up the Raiders on Monday. Expect a few big plays from Woods, and don’t be surprised if he scores a TD. He’s a fine option for your second or third WR.

Randall Cobb Vs Chicago (38th Ranked WR)

I’ve seen some rumors about Cobb being cut or traded, but as of now he’s still on the roster, and he should see playing time. Rodgers should put up some great numbers, so Cobb will likely be the recipient on some plays.

Ted Ginn Jr. Vs Tampa Bay (40th Ranked WR)*

The Buccaneers have a terrible defense and Ginn is an explosive option. Don’t be surprised if he has a few big plays here. He provides excellent value for this one game.

Anthony Miller @ Green Bay (63rd Ranked WR)

Are you surprised at all that he’s here? I expect him to break out right away and be involved early in this offense.

Christian Kirk Vs Washington (64th Ranked WR)

Aside from Larry Fitzgerald and David Johnson, who are the true threats in this offense? Ricky Seals-Jones is interesting but not a proven commodity. Kirk provides excellent value with the ball in his hands, I can see him being used on screens throughout the game. The Redskins don’t have a dominant secondary either, so he’ll have chances to make plays.

John Ross @ Indianapolis (72nd Ranked WR)

I wasn’t as high on Ross as everybody else last season, but there’s a reason he was a top 10 pick two years ago. He is talented, I thought he was worth a 2nd or 3rd round pick. He should be in for a better season, and he could carve up a weak Colts secondary.

James Washington @ Cleveland (75th Ranked WR)

Washington was phenomenal in the Preseason. If Le’veon Bell does end up missing Sunday’s game, Washington could see more action as the Steelers will likely air the ball out more. He’s capable of having one or two huge plays, which is more than enough from a player who will likely be your cheapest option.


Tight End


Jack Doyle Vs. Cincinnati (10th Ranked TE)

He’ll be a sleeper every week early in the season, because he’ll never be flashy, but he’ll be consistent. If you’d rather spend big at other positions, Doyle is good for 5-6 catches and a solid 60-75 yards, plus a touchdown every now and then.

Tyler Eifert @ Indianapolis (11th Ranked TE)*

I did not approve of drafting Bengals that aren’t named “AJ Green” in fantasy this year. But this week, they’re great for DFS. Eifert could be a casualty to the injury gods later this year, but he could have a huge game against this weak defense.

Ricky Seals-Jones Vs Washington (17th Ranked TE)

This one is more “Boom or Bust”. I don’t know what to expect from him, but he was explosive at times last season, and he could see his role increase this season. With a good quarterback tossing him the rock against an average defense, he could be in for a decent game.



Titans Defense @ Miami (12th Ranked Defense)

The Titans actually have some very good talent on defense, especially up front. I don’t believe the Dolphins have fixed their offensive line woes enough to handle this. Expect a lot of sacks and a few turnovers for Tennessee.

Seahawks Defense @ Denver (17th Ranked Defense)

I know the Seahawks are possibly in for a decline this year, but that doesn’t mean their defense is garbage. Pair that with the fact that they get to go against Case Keenum? Not a bad play.

Giants Defense Vs Jaguars (22nd Ranked Defense)*

This really is the move, especially in a DFS league. Blake Bortles is terrible. This Giants defense is actually loaded with playmakers. They’re being severely underrated because they gave up halfway through last season. Macadoodoo is gone, and they should bounce back. Against a one dimensional offense, at home? Easy money.

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