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So last night I was wrong about the outcome of the game, but I was right about how it would play out. I predicted a low scoring game. Which got me thinking. Why not try some over/unders and to see if we can win some more money? So I won’t take credit for the Eagles Falcons game, but here’s my picks for the rest of Week 1.

Over/Unders From “TheScore” App

Bills @ Ravens

40.5 – Under

I’m a little worried because the Ravens might drop 41 just from sack fumbles and interception returns. But I’d expect the final to be something like 20-7 or 23-10. It’ll be close, but they want you to take the over.

Steelers @ Browns

44 – Over

Both defenses are actually solid, but the Steelers should find a way to drop at least 27. The Browns can easily put up 20 themselves with a new look offense.

Bengals @ Colts

48 – Under

This one is tough, because Andrew Luck can drop 30+ any week. But I think he’ll be rusty for a few weeks. Pair that with a good Bengal’s defense, and I can see this just slipping under, with a final score of 24-20.

Titans @ Dolphins

45 – Under

These are two offenses that will both rely heavily on the run to start the game. It could stay that way for a while. Expect an old school game that we barely see on redzone. This one feels somewhat easy.

49ers @ Vikings

46 – Under

This will be that weird game where Minnesota wins 25-10, and we all call the 49ers overrated for a week and forget that the Vikings have an unbelievable defense. So I’ll take the under.

Texans @ Patriots

51 – Over

The Patriots have a suspect secondary. The feasting will be easy for Deshaun Watson and company. On the flip side, Tom Brady is too good to not keep up. This one will be a shootout.

Buccaneers @ Saints

49.5 – Under

I don’t think the Bucs will score enough to keep up here. The Saints themselves might drop 38 or 45, which could screw me. But I can see a final score of 30-10. 50 feels too high.

Giants @ Jaguars

42.5 – Under

This feels like another easy one. Two bad offensive lines against two great defenses. As long as there aren’t too many turnovers, this feels too easy.

Chiefs @ Chargers

48 – Under

This one is interesting. I’m very tempted to just take the over, but the Chargers usually start slow on offense. Patrick Mahomes is my savior, but I expect him to have a rough start against this insanely gifted pass rush. Expect a very low halftime score, like 10-7. Then, things could pick up in the second half, but a final of 24-21 wouldn’t shock me.

Redskins @ Cardinals

43.5 – Under

This feels like a game where the final score makes no sense. Like, Redskins win 19-15 or something. We’ll have no idea how it happened because Redzone will show us 3 total plays from the game.

Cowboys @ Panthers

42.5 – Over

Both defenses are actually pretty solid, with a clear edge to the Panthers as of now. But I trust Zeke to possibly score twice, and Dak to toss up another touchdown or two. I trust Cam to get his team at least 21 at home. 21-21 going into the 4th quarter feels realistic to me, then we just hope the scoring continues.

Seahawks @ Broncos

42.5 – Under

This one could get ugly. Two very talented pass rushes against two offenses with differing holes. I don’t see a ton of offense occurring in this one.

Bears @ Packers

47.5 – Over

This could be the game of the week. The Bears actually have a pretty good defense, but this is Aaron Rodgers at home. So that doesn’t matter too much. But the Bears now have a brand new offense that showed us NOTHING in the preseason. This one could go into the 60s.

Jets @ Lions

45 – Under

The Lions should be able to stifle this Jets offense, as it adjusts to the Sam Darnold era. This one could get very close, but I’ll take the under by a hair.

Rams @ Raiders

48.5 – Over

I wouldn’t be shocked if LA scores 50 by themselves here. They’ll be up by 35 at halftime, then they’ll give up some garbage time points. This one is high, but it still feels easy.

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