Brian Sullivan (@MadManScouting)

I’ll start with a little explanation. This year, I’ll give you my 5 “best bets” each week, which is what the pros do. Hopefully those can be well above 60-65%. Then I’ll include the rest of my picks because it wouldn’t be any fun to not show you all of them. So first, the 5 best bets of the week.

All Spreads Are From “TheScore”, As Of 9/4/2018

Brian’s Best Bets
Record (0-0)

Bengals @ Colts (-3.0)

Spread Pick – Colts
Straight Up Pick – Colts

It’s a little aggravating that it’s 3 full points instead of the 2.5, but I still like this pick. The Bengals do not have a great offensive line, so even the Colts should be able to generate some sort of pressure. As long as they do that, Andrew Luck can get the job done and give the Colts their first win.

Titans (-1.0) @ Dolphins

Spread Pick – Titans
Straight Up Pick – Titans

I’ve made it clear that I’m not very high on Miami this season. I don’t think they have a great home field advantage either. Tennessee isn’t flashy, so the public perception on them is rather negative despite them having a pretty good roster. I only have to give up a point? Feels like easy money to me.

Jaguars (-3.0) @ Giants

Spread Pick – Giants
Straight Up Pick – Giants

This is a nice one, if you’re feeling extra bold take advantage of the money line. If you want to hedge your bet, the Giants at +3 feels easy. They have a very talented defensive front, which will cause fits for Blake Bortles, especially since it will be tough for the Jaguars to run the ball. Expect a low scoring, ugly match-up here.

Redskins (pk) @ Cardinals

Spread Pick – Redskins
Straight Up Pick – Redskins

I think the Cardinals will end the season on a strong note, but it will take them a while to get in their groove. The Redskins are more ready to win now. I like Alex Smith, and think he’s very capable of winning this one.

Rams (-4.0) @ Raiders

Spread Pick – Rams
Straight Up Pick – Rams

I don’t like giving up more than 3 points, but this one is worth it. The Rams have so much more talent than Oakland. They are better coached. This one could get very ugly, I’d jump on it before the spread raises to 5 or 6 points.

All Other Picks

Record (0-0) (Includes Best Bets)
Straight Up Record (0-0)

Falcons @ Eagles (-2.5)

Spread – Falcons

S/U – Falcons

Bills @ Ravens (-7.0)

Spread – Ravens

S/U – Ravens

Steelers (-3.5) @ Browns

Spread – Browns

S/U – Steelers

49ers @ Vikings (-6.0)

Spread – Vikings

S/U – Vikings

Texans @ Patriots (-6.0)

Spread – Texans

S/U – Texans

EDIT (9/7/2018) – I’m taking Houston straight up now. No other picks were edited at this time.

Buccaneers @ Saints (-9.5)

Spread – Saints

S/U – Saints

Chiefs @ Chargers (-3.0)

Spread – Chargers

S/U – Chargers

Cowboys @ Panthers (-3.0)

Spread – Panthers

S/U – Panthers

Seahawks @ Broncos (-3.0)

Spread – Broncos

S/U – Broncos

Bears @ Packers (-7.5)

Spread – Bears

S/U – Packers

Jets @ Lions (-6.5)

Spread – Jets

S/U – Lions

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