Brian Sullivan (@MadManScouting)

Week 1 could have gone better, but I’ll take a 2-4 start, considering I was 1 point away from going 3-3 (California blew it). Here’s a few picks for Week 2.

All Spreads From “TheScore” As of 9/4/2018

Record (2-4)
Home Teams In CAPS

HOUSTON (-4.5) Over Arizona

This comes down to team culture over the past few seasons. Houston has been very impressive over the past few seasons, and they appear to have a solid roster again this year. Arizona is basically Khalil Tate and a bunch of guys.

SOUTH FLORIDA (+3.0) Over Georgia Tech

This feels like one of those games where Georgia Tech is getting the benefit of the doubt due to name recognition. USF is solid, and I get 3 points at home. I’ll take it.

Fresno State (+2.5) Over MINNESOTA

This is one of those games where the spread confused me, based on what I know. I figured Minnesota would be favored by a touchdown at the very least. Vegas knows something I don’t, I’ll side with them and take Fresno.

California (+3.0) Over BYU

This spread might be an overreaction to the impressive Week 1 performance by BYU over Arizona. Cal could be better than Arizona, so I’ll take them with the points here.

Michigan State (-6.5) Over ARIZONA STATE

This one is strange to me. Michigan State struggled last week against Utah State, but was that just a fluke? Is Arizona State better than we expected? I don’t know, but this feels like a game where Vegas is begging you to take ASU at home with the points after watching last week.

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