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Another week is basically in the books, so let’s review what we learned. Fair disclaimer, instead of going game by game, I’ll throw in my observations from the games I focused more attention on. Unfortunately, I was only able to catch snippets of a few of them. Here we go.

Packers CB Josh Jackson Should Have Been A First Round Pick

My 2nd rated cornerback has looked excellent during the preseason thus far. His coverage is fantastic and he has some ridiculous instincts when it comes to making plays on the balls that are thrown in his vicinity. Jackson should be a key component to this defense in the upcoming season.

I Was Wrong About James Washington

I didn’t see it. I thought he was a product of the Oklahoma State system. But Washington has looked like a bonafide star during the preseason rather than a rookie. The Steelers have become the kings of developing young wide receivers, and they do it faster than anybody. This is officially the most dangerous trio in the NFL now.

Patrick Mahomes Had His Ups and Downs

I’m the biggest Patrick Mahomes truther on this planet right now, but he actually struggled more than his stats indicated. He went 8/12 for 138 yards, 1 TD, and 1 pick. But I saw him throw one other INT that happened to be dropped, and he he seemed very hesitant early on. But then… he made one of the most unbelievable throws I have ever seen. He can work out the small things, but you can not teach this.

Calvin Ridley Will Fit Right In For Atlanta

Calvin Ridley was the ultimate example of a prospect who fell because he wasn’t super flashy. But he has the composure and abilities of a pro. He finished with 3 receptions and 49 yards plus a touchdown against Kansas City, and he displayed some impressive traits along the way.

Carlos Hyde Made His Presence Felt Early

When I saw that Carlos Hyde was signing with the Browns, I thought he would be a nice complementary piece. But I’m starting to think he might have been underrated due to him being stuck in a mediocre offense in San Francisco. He ran with a purpose on Friday and proved that when his line can clear up some space for him, he is very effective. Check out the nasty stiff arm on this one.

Carlos Hyde.gif

Yannick Ngakoue Could Go From Star to Superstar

Somehow, on a loaded Jaguars defense, he was the only player I could focus on early in this one. He was making it look too easy at times, causing pressures on multiple passing downs. He’s still only 23, and there’s plenty of talent to draw attention away from him. He could erupt this season. Also doesn’t hurt that his celebration skills are a perfect 10/10.


Jimmy G and Deshaun Watson both look like the real deal

Although it was only for a few series, we saw the future of the NFL dual last night, and it was a thing of beauty. Both displayed traits that make you wonder if they’ve been in the league for 10+ years. Jimmy Garoppolo was very composed under pressure. Watson was reading the defense before the snap and making decisions at lightning speeds with astounding precision. I pray they both stay healthy.


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