Brian Sullivan

Woo, last night sure was fun right? How about that performance by Baker Mayfield? I definitely am not keeping that as generic as possible because I’m pre-writing this before the results of Thursdays games. I would never do such a thing. There’s only two games tonight, let’s take a look at what’s worth watching.

Atlanta Falcons (0-0) @ New York Jets (0-0)
Time: 7:30 PM

Who To Watch
Jets – QB Sam Darnold

Once again, we start with an obvious choice. He’s already gaining traction, as it is now being reported that he could be the Week 1 starter. This makes plenty of sense, he’s the clear choice. I want to see him shine tonight.

Falcons – WR Calvin Ridley

Ridley feels like the type of receiver that will never be a top 5 guy, but will consistently be around the 10-12 range for years during his prime. He’s just so well rounded. Can you imagine if he’s an immediate contributor? Good luck stopping him, Julio, and Sanu.

Detroit Lions (0-0) @ Oakland Raiders (0-0)
Time: 10:30 PM

Who To Watch
Lions – RB Kerryon Johnson

This might end up being a big whiff for me. I wasn’t as high on Johnson as many others, but he’s apparently impressing everybody at training camp. He’s turning into “a real life video game”. The starting job is all his if he continues to perform well this summer, I’ll be curious to see if he really deserved the Le’veon Bell comparisons during draft season.

Raiders – DT Maurice Hurst

Viewed as a first round talent by many, Hurst ended up falling due to a serious heart condition. Everybody is high on this kid; he was widely considered the steal of the draft. Assuming he plays against some backups, he could absolutely tear it up tonight.

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