Brian Sullivan (@MadManScouting)

I want to make one thing clear. This is not a “Worst Picks of the Draft” article. I am not here to question these players’ abilities; in fact, I had high grades on all of these players. That doesn’t change the fact that some picks didn’t make sense based on what was available. Here are the ones that confused me the most.

Baker Mayfield (QB, Browns, #1 Overall)

I like Baker. I love his story, and I have no issues with his attitude (aside from the police video, but for now let’s ignore that). But Sam Darnold was there… That’s it. You don’t pass on Sam Darnold. Especially for a QB with a few, albeit minor, red flags.

Saquon Barkley (RB, Giants, #2 Overall)

Wow. Two teams passed on Darnold. It makes absolutely no sense. Also, thinking about the massive haul the Giants could have requested for this pick is painful. They could have acquired enough picks to completely rebuild their offensive line, and then STILL end up with an RB like Guice, Chubb, Ronald Jones, etc. But instead, they fell for the ridiculously talented athlete. Ok then.

Denzel Ward (CB, Browns, #4 Overall)

Again, I really like Ward. The problem is, he was one of the four CBs I had first round grades on. Meanwhile, Bradley Chubb was available, who appears to be head and shoulders above any other edge rusher. You don’t pass on pairing him with Garrett to get a cornerback. You just don’t.

Marcus Davenport (Edge, Saints, #14 Overall)

This is a class that is loaded with solid talent between 20-60. There’s a ton of talented second and third round players. The Saints are in a position where they should acquire as many great players as possible. Instead they traded up. I like Davenport, like a lot of these other players, but I don’t like the decision to move up.

Hayden Hurst (TE, Ravens, #25 Overall)

I just didn’t see a top 25 player when I watched Hayden’s tape. I LOVED the Lamar Jackson pick for Baltimore, but why not just take Jackson here? And then you keep your other picks.

Rashaad Penny (RB, Seahawks, #27 Overall)

To be absolutely clear, I have NO ISSUE taking Penny in the first round. He could legitimately end up being the best RB in this class. My problem is that the Seahawks somehow continue to neglect that their offensive line is a problem… and these running backs will continue to flop with them until they address that issue.


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