Brian Sullivan (@MadManScouting)

Every year, the first round has some head-scratchers. Other teams end up benefitting, as they take advantage of premier players falling into their laps. Here are some of the best value picks from last night.

Sam Darnold (QB, Jets, 3rd Overall)

Sam Darnold probably the best QB prospect I’ve watched since Andrew Luck. That’s just my own personal preference, I was surprised at how harshly he was nitpicked though. I was even more shocked to see two teams who were in need of a QB choose to pass on him. The Jets have their guy. The AFC East will be suddenly interesting very soon.

Josh Rosen (QB, Cardinals, 10th Overall)

I hate to be generic by picking two straight QBs, but Rosen falling this far was insane. Pair that with the fact that Arizona didn’t have to sacrifice a 2nd round pick. His injury history is concerning, but if he stays healthy, it looks like he’ll be a franchise guy for a while.

Vita Vea (DT, Buccaneers, 12th Overall)

So wait a minute, you’re telling me Tampa moved back, gained two 2nd rounders, and they still got one of the three best prospects in the draft? That’s the definition of value.

Isaiah Wynn (OT, Patriots, 23rd Overall)

I thought he would be taken in the top 10, or the top 15 at the very latest. Somehow, he falls to a team smart enough to realize that he’s a phenomenal talent. The Patriots got a good one, he can be plugged in at tackle or guard immediately.

Mike Hughes (CB, Vikings, 30th Overall)

Hughes was one of the top 10 players on my board. He’s a ridiculous talent, but he has some off-field concerns that include a misdemeanor assault, but there is nothing that appears to be overly egregious, at least on the surface. The Vikings managed to get the most talented CB in this class, hopefully he’s grown and matured.

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