Brian Sullivan

What’s this? Is this the first time we’ve written since the draft? Yes it is. But now that Preseason football is back, I remembered how excited I am for football. So I figured I’d just give some quick thoughts/mostly overreactions about these meaningless Preseason games.. I’ll update this as games roll through, let’s get started.

Texans @ Panthers (Wednesday, August 9th)

Final Score – Panthers 27 Texans 17

–Christian McCaffrey looked very nice in his limited role. He displayed vision, toughness, and quickness with his touches. He also showed off some solid pass blocking ability. I can’t wait to see him utilized more as a receiving threat. Speaking of the running game…

— The Panther’s offensive line looked fantastic out there against a very good Texans front. Derek Anderson looked like a stud out there… yes, you read that correctly. On the flip side, the Panther’s front 7 absolutely abused the Texan’s offensive line. There really will be no excuses for Cam Newton this year…

— Deshaun Watson put up some very good numbers, but there’s something about the way he throws the ball that was off-putting. He seemed to wind the ball up almost like a baseball pitch, and delivered a lot of line drive passes. He’ll need to develop more of a touch if he wants to succeed against starting NFL defenses. That being said, his mobility and ability to escape from the pocket was exciting.


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