Brian Sullivan

While there wasn’t many “A” prospects this year, there were a ton of solid B+ options. This class was loaded with mid-late first round type talents. A lot of teams took advantage of that on Day 2. Here’s my thoughts.

Round 2

33. Green Bay Packers – Kevin King (CB, Washington) – A

King was one of the top cornerback prospects in this class. I personally thought he was better than his teammate Sidney Jones, injury or no injury. Any player who gets compared to Richard Sherman is worth taking.

34. Jacksonville Jaguars – Cam Robinson (OT, Alabama) – B

If the Jaguars get 16 games of Cam Robinson playing like he did against Texas A&M, they’ll be scary. But he does have some conduct issues, as well as consistency issues.

35. Seattle Seahawks – Malik McDowell (DT/DE, Michigan State) – A+

The Seahawks managed to trade back and still end up with one of the 5 most talented players in this class… That’s unfair.

36. Arizona Cardinals – Budda Baker (SS, Washington) – A+

This is unbelievable. Baker paired with Peterson and Mathieu in the secondary? Wow, Arians is going to have some fun with this defense next season.

37. Buffalo Bills – Zay Jones (WR, East Carolina) – B+

Jones is a really solid prospect. He’ll fit in very nicely as a WR2. Jones is one of the quickest route runners in this class. Let Watkins run deep and let Jones take care of those short routes. Boom.

38. Los Angeles Chargers – Forrest Lamp (OT/OG, Western Kentucky) – A+

Just pretend that the Chargers took Lamp at 7 and Williams at 38 and suddenly their having a great draft. Lamp was a top 15 talent, he’s incredibly versatile. Watch him against Alabama and you’ll see why I’m so high on him.

39. New York Jets – Marcus Maye (FS, Florida) – D

Maye didn’t really do it for me when I watched him on tape. The Jets already found a safety in round 1, they really could have addressed a lot of other holes. Overall, not a fan of this pick at all.

40. Carolina Panthers – Curtis Samuel (WR, Ohio State) – B+

This is weird. I love Samuel. The Panthers need WRs. But him and McCaffrey are pretty similar players when it comes to their versatility. Still, it can’t hurt. Having them both on the field will make the Panther’s offense very dangerous.

41. Minnesota Vikings – Dalvin Cook (RB, Florida State) – B+

Conduct issues aside, the Vikings just got the best running back in the class in the 2nd round. The Minnesota culture will be very good for Cook as well.

42. New Orleans Saints – Marcus Williams (FS, Utah) – A

Williams is one of my favorite safety prospects in the draft. The Saints do already have some talented safeties in Vonn Bell and Kenny Vacarro, but it can never hurt to add more talent to an awful defense.

43. Philadelphia Eagles – Sidney Jones (CB, Washington) – B

Jones is a very talented corner. He’s a bit raw, and he suffered an achilles injury during the offseason. But he has the potential to be a very good CB in a few years. A high risk high reward move for Philly.

44. Los Angeles Rams – Gerald Everett (TE, South Alabama) – C-

When I watched his tape, I just saw a fast guy running around a lot. He didn’t block very well, and his route running was very erratic. But he could turn into something with the right coaching, he’s ridiculously athletic.

45. Chicago Bears – Adam Shaheen (TE, Ashland) – D

I’ve watched 200 prospects so far. Shaheen was the least impressive one I watched. But he’s big. Really big. So I guess maybe he’ll prove me wrong.

46. Indianapolis Colts – Quincy Wilson (CB, Florida) – B

I’m not the biggest Wilson fan, but he did have some impressive games. He lacked consistency, but could turn into a very good CB. The Colts should really be addressing the front 7 instead, but at least this time they got a player who can tackle.

47. Baltimore Ravens – Tyus Bowser (OLB, Houston) – C-

The Ravens seem to really be building for the future, as they continue to take high potential prospects who didn’t impress me on tape initially. Again, I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt.

48. Cincinnati Bengals – Joe Mixon (RB, Oklahoma) – No Grade

No comment.

49. Washington Redskins – Ryan Anderson (OLB, Alabama) – A

Ryan Anderson is a freak of nature. The Redskins continue to add players from the defense that dominated College Football for most of the year.

50. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Justin Evans (SS, Texas A&M) – B

If Evans can add some bulk, he’ll be an absolute force to be reckoned with. He plays a lot like Jamal Adams, only he’s a lot lankier right now. Get him in the weight room ASAP.

51. Denver Broncos – Demarcus Walker (DE, Florida State) – C

Knowing the Broncos, they’ll prove me wrong and turn this guy into a stud. But on tape, I saw just a very solid player who would be a nice late 3rd-4th round pick.

52. Cleveland Browns – Deshone Kizer (QB, Notre Dame) – A

I’m not saying that Kizer will turn into a star. But this was a perfect spot to take him. The Browns didn’t reach. He could become their franchise QB. Or maybe they’ll just land Darnold or Josh Allen next year.

53. Detroit Lions – Teez Tabor (CB, Florida) – A+

The Lions got a top 10 talent at 53. Nuff said.

54. Miami Dolphins – Raekwon McMillan – B

The Dolphins continue to play it safe here, taking another solid prospect who looks like he’ll be a consistent starter for years to come. Nothing to be super excited about, but definitely not a reach either.

55. New York Giants – Dalvin Tomlinson (DT, Alabama) – D

The Giants have no need for this… And he’s really not a very impressive prospect. The Giants are confusing me.

56. Oakland Raiders – Obi Melifonwu (SS, Connecticut) – A+

Conley and Melifonwu? The Raiders managed to add two first round talents to their secondary. This is scary.

57. Houston Texans – Zach Cunningham (OLB, Vanderbilt) – B-

This actually isn’t a bad fit. Cunningham struggles with tackling, but this defense is already loaded with hard hitters. He’s a very smart LB who can be plugged into multiple spots. A good defense gets a little better.

58. Seattle Seahawks – Ethan Pocic (C, LSU) – C

I watched Pocic on tape and I did not see a 2nd round talent. Knowing Pete Carroll, he’ll turn Pocic into a star DT or something. I don’t know.

59. Kansas City Chiefs – Tanoh Kpassagnon (DE, Villanova) – B

The Chiefs are drafting for the future. Kpassagnon is another player with a lot of potential. The Chiefs have a good enough roster to make a move like this. He could be molded into a real star in a few years.

60. Dallas Cowboys – Chidobe Awuzie (CB, Colorado) – A-

Awuzie went right where he should have, to a team that could use a CB. This makes sense.

61. Green Bay Packers – Josh Jones (SS, NC State) – B+

The Packers add more toughness to their secondary. King and Jones will both instantly improve this secondary.

62. Pittsburgh Steelers – Juju Smith-Schuster (WR, USC) – A

They didn’t really need him, but my god this makes the Steelers offense absolutely lethal.

63. Buffalo Bills – Dion Dawkins (OT/OG, Temple) – B

Dawkins isn’t really a special prospect or anything, but he’s a nice versatile piece who can improve the line in multiple areas. Nice pick.

64. Carolina Panthers – Taylor Moton (OT/OG) – A

The Panthers manage to get the better Swiss Army Knife a pick later. They are going all in on offense here, getting Cam as much help as possible.

Round 3

65. Cleveland Browns – Larry Ogunjobi (DT, Charlotte) – B+

The Browns continue to beef up that defense with a solid, high potential prospect.

66. San Francisco 49ers – Ahkello Witherspoon (CB, Colorado) – A

The Niners continue to kill it, as they snag one of the better corner prospects in this class. He’s another player who’s gotten Richard Sherman comparisons. Not bad.

67. New Orleans Saints – Alvin Kamara (RB, Tennessee) – B

On one hand, Kamara is an awesome prospect who can fill in nicely for AP when he leaves and for Ingram when he inevitably gets hurt again. But the Saints should really be beefing up their defense more.

68. Jacksonville Jaguars – Dawuane Smoot (DE, Illinois) – B

A bit of a reach, but Smoot is a nice prospect. I have no issues with this pick.

69. Los Angeles Rams – Cooper Kupp (WR, Eastern Washington) – A

Getting Kupp in the 3rd round is a nice steal for the Rams. He’s got a nice combination of size and speed. Goff will enjoy throwing to him.

70. Minnesota Vikings – Pat Elflein (C, Ohio State) – A+

The Vikings got the best center in the 3rd round. They are killing this draft.

71. Los Angeles Chargers – Dan Feeney (OG, Indiana) – A

The Chargers are really stacking up their offensive line. Feeney is one of the best linemen in this class. Him AND Lamp? Philip Rivers has to be happy right now.

72. Tennessee Titans – Taywan Taylor (WR, Western Kentucky) – B+

The Titans continue to get Mariota some fun weapons. That offense could be really dangerous in a year or two.

73. Cincinnati Bengals – Jordan Willis (DE, Kansas State) – A

I didn’t love his tape, but I know that a lot of REALLY smart people do, and that they saw him as a 1st round talent. Sometimes you gotta trust the opinions of others. The Bengals will find a way to use him.

74. Baltimore Ravens – Chris Wormley (DT, Michigan) – A-

It never hurts to add more talent on either of the lines. Wormley felt like a 70-80 range prospect, so this is a good landing place for him.

75. Atlanta Falcons – Duke Riley (LB, LSU) – B

I’m not a huge fan, but he’s another fast player who fits into what the Falcons are trying to build, so I’ll trust Dan Quinn again.

76. New Orleans Saints – Alex Anzalone (LB, Florida) – B

Anzalone is an explosive athlete who will add toughness to a Saints defense that desperately needs it. They’re taking advantage of these picks.

77. Carolina Panthers – Daeshon Hall (DE, Texas A&M) – B

Finally, the Panthers add some defense. And they add a very nice player. He’s no Myles Garrett, but he still stood out at times on screen.

78. Baltimore Ravens – Tim Williams (OLB, Alabama) – A+

The Ravens got a 1st round talent in the middle of the 3rd. He’s one of the best pass rushers in this class. He does have some conduct issues, but he still should not have fallen this far.

79. New York Jets – ArDarius Stewart (WR, Alabama) – A

Maybe I’m a bit too high on some of these Bama prospects, but Stewart impressed the hell out of me on tape. He did a little bit of everything in such a short period of time, displaying speed, quickness, and toughness.

80. Indianapolis Colts – Tarrell Basham (DE, Ohio) – A

It’s about damn time the Colts address the trenches. Basham is a very nice prospect too.

81. Washington Redskins – Fabian Moreau (CB, UCLA) – A-

Most people give this an A+, but I wasn’t as impressed with Moreau as everyone else. Throw in the injury, and I’ll give this an A-. He’s still a solid 2nd round talent who fell to the 3rd. Redskins are having a very impressive draft so far.

82. Denver Broncos – Carlos Henderson (WR, Louisiana Tech) – B

It wasn’t their biggest need. He’s not the greatest prospect ever. But this was a good spot for him to be drafted, and he’s a nice player who can impact both the receiving game and special teams.

83. New England Patriots – Derek Rivers (DE, Youngstown State) – A

I didn’t like his tape at all… But like Willis, a lot of very smart people do. And the Patriots also clearly do. I’m self aware enough to accept that the Patriots know better than I do.

84. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Chris Godwin (WR, Penn State) – A

Ok Jameis… enjoy that MVP trophy next year. Holy weapons.

85. New England Patriots – Antonio Garcia (OT, Troy) – A+

Ok, here’s one where I actually did like the tape. And the Patriots agree. This dude is special.

86. Kansas City Chiefs – Kareem Hunt (RB, Toledo) – A+

Hunt is a very nice prospect. He’s just so much fun to watch too. Kansas City found their starter in the late 3rd, they should be thrilled.

87. New York Giants – Davis Webb (QB, California) – C

Well… he does have potential. But he needs to work on a ton of components of his game. The Giants really reached here.

88. Oakland Raiders – Eddie Vanderdoes (DT, UCLA) – B+

The Raiders are going all defense, which is what they should. I had Vanderdoes ranked as a mid-late 3rd round prospect so… Yea, this makes sense.

89. Houston Texans – D’Onta Foreman (RB, Texas) – B

I like Foreman. This feels like a good spot for him to be drafted. He can help take the load off of Miller’s shoulders.

90. Seattle Seahawks – Shaquill Griffin (CB, UCF) – B-

I didn’t like the tape at all. But watch the Seahawks turn him into a pro bowler. It’s just what they do. Like New England, I just let them do their thing and trust that it’ll work.

91. Los Angeles Rams – John Johnson (SS, Boston College) – B

I like Johnson as a prospect, but the Rams should really just be drafting offense on offense on offense.

92. Dallas Cowboys – Jourdan Lewis (CB, Michigan) – B-

He had his ups and downs in college. Some games he was very impressive. Some, he was burnt toast. But the late 3rd round feels like a good place for him to be taken.

93. Green Bay Packers – Montravius Adams (DT, Auburn) – A+

I. Love. This. Pick. Adams reminds me of Grady Jarrett, who also fell way further than he should have a few years ago. Yea, Grady Jarrett, the guy who sacked Tom Brady 3 times in the Super Bowl last year. Adams is a freak athlete who adds a lot of versatility to the Packers D-line.

94. Pittsburgh Steelers – Cameron Sutton (CB, Tennessee) – B-

Sutton is a good athlete who needs to work on his coverage skills… Sounds like everyone on the Steelers, so he’ll fit right in.

95. Seattle Seahawks – Delano Hill (SS, Michigan) – B+

Hill isn’t the fastest player, but he always seems to be in the right position and he rarely misses tackles. I like this pick right here.

96. Detroit Lions – Kenny Golladay (WR, Northern Illinois) – B-

Meh. A bit of a reach at a position that wasn’t a huge hole. But he’s a solid prospect.

97. Miami Dolphins – Cordrea Tankersley (CB, Clemson) – B+

Getting Tankersley this late is very good value for the Dolphins. He was touted as a 2nd round prospect, which felt ridiculous. Late 3rd? Fine by me.

98. Arizona Cardinals – Chad Williams (WR, Grambling State) – B

He’s a solid route runner with decent speed and quickness. Arians will find a way to make him work.

99. Philadelphia Eagles – Rasul Douglas (CB, West Virginia) – A+

Everybody mentioned this “loaded CB class”, but they really didn’t include Douglas. Which is a shame. He’s not an incredible athlete, but he’s superb in coverage and he’s very physical.

100. Tennessee Titans – Jonnu Smith (TE, Florida International) – C

I don’t understand why players like Smith, Shaheen, and Everette are getting taken ahead of Butt, Kittle, and Leggett. But “potential” I guess.

101. Denver Broncos – Brendan Langley (CB, Lamar) – B

If the Broncos draft a CB, don’t question it. Next.

102. Seattle Seahawks – Nazair Jones (DT, North Carolina) – B

There wasn’t a ton of tape on Jones available, but he’s a great run stuffer who’s also surprisingly athletic. The Seahawks will make him work.

103. New Orleans Saints – Trey Hendrickson (DE, Florida Atlantic) – A

The Saints manage to get a good edge rusher this late in the draft. I’m loving their draft class.

104. San Francisco 49ers – CJ Beathard (QB, Iowa) – C

This feels early for him, but they had drafted so well up until this.

105. Pittsburgh Steelers – James Connor (RB, Pittsburgh) – B-

I like Connor, but he’s not really a need. Unless they’re using him as insurance for Bell.

106. Seattle Seahawks – Amara Darboh (WR, Michigan) – A

Darboh was one of my favorite later round prospects, so I love this pick.

107. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Kendell Beckwith (ILB, LSU) – B-

The Bucs add a solid inside linebacker, and I saw him as a solid 4th rounder, so taking him at the end of the 3rd isn’t a big deal.

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