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Unless you’re a fan of a playoff team, the NFL draft is probably on your mind. It’s never too early to get a head start on scouting the future superstars of this league. So I figured I’ll start sharing some of my notes and takes as I scout the top (and bottom) prospects. Whether it’s a sleeper or a potential bust, I’ll try to tackle most of the players. I’m already 19 players deep, so I won’t touch on all of them.

Keep in mind, I’m not an expert scout. I’m just watching the tape and reporting what I find. Feel free to leave any sort of comments on your opinions on the players.

My Favorite Prospects

These aren’t necessarily my top prospects (although for now they are), but here are a few players that have stuck out to me early.

Jalen “Teez” Tabor (Cornerback, Florida)

As of now, he’s obviously the best CB in the draft. He doesn’t get phased by any sort of quick change of pace routes. He’s always in the right position, and he has excellent ball skills. Check out the tape below against Florida State to see what I mean.

Tim Williams (OLB, Alabama)

Honestly, if I hadn’t been reading all of the scouting reports, I’d think he was the best player in the draft. I understand the value that Jonathan Allen and Myles Garrett will bring, and maybe I just watched the wrong tape (I still have a lot to watch and learn), but Williams immediately jumps off of the screen. His ability to rush the passer and seal the edge are exactly what you want in a 3-4 OLB. He’s incredibly strong and fast. It’s early, but don’t be surprised if he rises up on people’s draft boards to the top 5. Here’s some film to show you what I mean.

Malik McDowell (DT, Michigan State)

Maybe it was Notre Dame’s awful team, but McDowell looked like a stud out there against that offensive line. He was consistently demanding double teams and stuffing his gaps with ease. He doesn’t look very flashy, and he might need to add on some weight since his skill set reminds me of a true NT, as opposed to a 4-3 DT, but he has the talent to be a difference maker if he ends up on the right team. Watch the tape to see for yourself.

Corey Davis (WR, Western Michigan)

It seems that Mike Williams is the top wide receiver prospect, but give me Davis any day of the week over Williams. He’s quick, he runs fantastic routes, he has great body control and ball skills and he has dependable hands. He’s not a burner, but he can line up anywhere on the field. Need him in the slot? He’ll be a perfect fit. Want to put him outside? He can do that too. There’s many WRs to go, but he’s my #1 as of right now. Watch the tape against Wisconsin to see for yourself.

Overhyped? Or Bad Days?

Here are some of the top prospects that I just don’t see as 1st rounders (or top 10 picks)… Maybe I’m missing something or maybe I’m onto something.

Malik Hooker (FS, Ohio State)

He’s considered the top safety prospect, and I’ve seen him go top 3 in some mock drafts… My question is why? Safeties are not that hard to find in later rounds. He doesn’t possess any ridiculous, game changing skills from what I saw. In this game against PSU, I noticed multiple missed tackles and a few blown coverages that ended up being drops. He’s a very good free safety… but I don’t see how he will instantly impact a defense. Please people, if I’m missing something let me know? Watch the tape against Penn State and see for yourself.

Mike Williams (WR, Clemson)

Maybe Jaire Alexander is a freak. Maybe it was a bad day. But watching the film against Louisville, I was not impressed by Mike Williams. If a wide receiver is going to be taken top 5, or even top 10, they better possess some superstar qualities. He’s a nice, big bodied receiver who makes some impressive catches. But he lacks breakaway speed, and isn’t even the best route runner. Is it just because he’s big? I have no idea. Check out the tape vs. Louisville and see what you think.

The Wild Card

Cam Robinson (OT, Alabama)

I’ve seen some very mixed reviews on this kid, and it makes sense. His off field issues are concerning, and he’s not exactly consistent. But when I watch this tape against A&M, specifically how he completely neutralizes Myles Garrett, the potential future #1 overall pick, I can’t help but think he could be a premier left tackle. I just don’t know.

My Big Board (As of Now)

Keep in mind, these are the only players I’ve even looked at in depth. I’ve seen some great stuff from players like Carl Lawson and Derek Barnett, but I need to see more before really ranking them. So, as of now, here’s my personal big board.

  1. Jonathan Allen (DE, Alabama)
  2.  Myles Garrett (DE/OLB, Texas A&M)
  3. Teez Tabor (CB, Florida)
  4. Tim Williams (OLB, Alabama)
  5. Malik McDowell (DT, Michigan State)
  6. Dalvin Cook (RB, Florida State)
  7. Marlon Humphrey (CB, Alabama)
  8. Leonard Fournette (RB, LSU)
  9. Corey Davis (WR, Western Michigan)
  10. Mitch Trubisky (QB, UNC)
  11. Jabrill Peppers (S, Michigan)
  12. Jamal Adams (SS, LSU)
  13. Deshaun Watson (QB, Clemson)
  14. Solomon Thomas (DE/DT, Stanford)
  15. Mike Williams (WR, Clemson)
  16. Malik Hooker (FS, OSU)
  17. Cam Robinson (OT, Alabama)
  18. Reuben Foster (ILB, Alabama)
  19. Taco Charlton (DE, Michigan)


Feel free to leave a comment if you’re interested to hear about any of the players I didn’t mention. Thanks for reading! Follow the blog for consistent updates as the draft process continues!


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