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Record (59-72-2)

Don’t get me wrong, I’m pretty happy with the results of the games last week from a personal level. I’m happy that the Falcons dominated like they should. I’m happy that the Broncos got destroyed on national TV. I’m thrilled to see the Steelers lose to Baltimore to make the AFC North more interesting… But damn, what a rough week for betting. Here we go.


RAVENS (-8.0) Over Browns – I want to believe… I want to believe that the Browns will keep this one close. I do… This one opened at -10 and has moved 2 points towards Cleveland. Prove me wrong Browns! Ravens 27 Browns 17

Packers (-2.5) Over TITANS

The Packers really aren’t that great… But I can’t avoid a spread this small. Packers 27 Titans 24

Texans (-1.0) Over JAGUARS

I get it. It’s a rivalry game. The Jags are at home. Brock isn’t great. But the Texans are still a much better team. They should get a win here. Texans 21 Jaguars 13

SAINTS (-2.5) Over Broncos

This is a mistake… I know it is. But the Saints are very similar to Oakland… Only they have a better QB. Yea, their defense isn’t great, but it’s improving, and this Denver offense is a mess right now. Drew Brees with time is one of the only QBs in the league who can find holes in this Denver defense. The Saints pull this one out. Saints 28 Broncos 20

JETS (-2.0) Over Rams

I’m taking a lot of favorites, and I don’t like that, but this is what I see. The Jet’s defensive line is in shambles right now, but it’s still good enough to handle the atrocious Ram’s offense. This will be incredibly ugly… Jets 12 Rams 6

Falcons (pk) Over EAGLES

This is very tough… Very tough. The Eagles have played very well at home. But the Falcons have continued to disprove all of the narratives about them. They continue to prove Vegas wrong. I think they make a HUGE statement here with a victory. Falcons 30 Eagles 24

Bears (+1.0) Over BUCCANEERS

The Bears are back… sort of. Their back in the sense that they are no longer at the bottom of the barrel. With Cutler back, this is a solid team, somewhere between a 7-9 to 9-7 team. The Bucs on the other hand? Eh… Bears 19 Buccaneers 13

PANTHERS (-3.0) Over Chiefs

The Chiefs might be the best team in football right now… Seriously. This defense is absurd, and they have an above average QB who is coming back right now. But the Panther’s defense, specifically the front 7, is coming back. And the offense is starting to run the ball very effectively. There’s a reason this spread is so big in favor of the 3 win team. Panthers 34 Chiefs 28

REDSKINS (-3.0) Over Vikings

Well… I was feeling super confident about this Minnesota team… But now… Yikes. The Redskins are too tough in the trenches to lose at home to this Minnesota team, unless Mike Zimmer and Pat Shurmur can develop a game plan around this atrocious offensive line. Redskins 24 Vikings 13

Dolphins (+4.0) Over CHARGERS

While everyone was paying to the election (rightfully so), the Chargers new stadium measure failed to pass. There’s no doubt that it will have a minor impact on fan support and the emotional atmosphere of the team. Still, the Chargers should find a way to win behind Melvin Gordon. Chargers 30 Dolphins 27

CARDINALS (-13.5) Over 49ers

I hate these giant spreads… But the 49ers are the worst team in football… Cardinals 45 49ers 10

STEELERS (-2.5) Over Cowboys

I think the Steelers win this game. Nothing controversial about that, though it’s a little ballsy considering how consistent the Cowboys have been. But my bold prediction is that this is an absolute massacre by Pittsburgh. Not because the Cowboys are due for a collapse, but because sometimes Pittsburgh just explodes, especially when you least expect it. Like that game against KC, this will be one of those strange outlier games where Ben tosses 6 TDs. Again, this isn’t me trashing Dallas. I think Dallas might also be the best team in football. This is me crediting Ben and Mike Tomlin for occasionally creating absolutely unbeatable game plans. Steelers 49 Cowboys 21

Seahawks (+7.5) Over PATRIOTS

The Seahawks just don’t get blown out. Period. Never bet on a team to beat the Seahawks or Patriots by more than 7. YES, the Pats are one of very teams who COULD beat Seattle by a few TDs… But I doubt it. Patriots 24 Seahawks 21

Bengals (+1.5) Over GIANTS

This is a very strange match-up… Which Bengals team shows up? Which Giants team shows up? The betters seem to think it’ll be Cincinnati, based on how the spread is moving. I agree with them this time. Bengals 23 Giants 20

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