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Sorry guys, I got a little caught up and forgot to do spread picks. College is coming next. Anyways, after a rough week let’s try to bounce back here.

Record (56-63-1)


BUCCANEERS (+3.5) Over Falcons

This one is so tough… Jameis has been great against Atlanta so far in his career. The Falcons have played close games all year. They already lost to Tampa once… I think they just barely lose to that spread. Falcons 27 Buccaneers 24

Eagles (+2.5) Over GIANTS

The Eagle’s defensive line will be too much for the Giants this week. The Eagles win in a classic NFC East showdown. Eagles 23 Giants 20

Cowboys (-7.0) Over BROWNS

I know I know… Everyone wants to see the upset. Hell, I’d love to see it. But this Cowboy’s team is too tough in the trenches to lose this game… right? Cowboys 30 Browns 13

CHIEFS (-7.5) Over Jaguars

Nick Foles will be starting again, so the Jags should have a chance right? Well… no. I don’t think so. Again, I really hope I’m wrong, but this Chief’s defense should absolutely dominate the Jag’s offense. Chiefs 31 Jaguars 17

Jets (+3.5) Over DOLPHINS

Another tough one. Do the Dolphins come out and continue to pound the rock efficiently? Or do they revert to the old Dolphins? I don’t know… But I’ll take the team who’s getting points. Jets 21 Dolphins 17

Vikings (-5.5) Over LIONS

The Vikings are back at home, where they are a lot more comfortable. The Lions struggled against Houston’s defense, I expect the same this week. Vikings 24 Lions 14

Steelers (+2.5) Over RAVENS

Assuming Big Ben plays ,the Steelers shouldn’t have trouble here… Yet another game that I hope I’m wrong about. Steelers 20 Ravens 17

Panthers (-3.0) Over RAMS

I think this is an absolute stomping… The Panthers make a statement by dominating the Ram’s weak offensive line. (So watch as LA wins by 20…) Panthers 35 Rams 13

Saints (-3.0) Over 49ERS

The Niners are just awful… They are due for a good game I guess right? And it would happen to a team that I kind of like right? Well… despite all of that, I can’t bet against New Orleans. Saints 38 49ers 17

Colts (+7.0) Over PACKERS

I think Indy can actually keep it close here. The Packer’s secondary isn’t good enough to shut down Luck. This one should be pretty high scoring, and although the Packers win, the Colts cover. Packers 37 Colts 34

Titans (+4.0) Over CHARGERS

I can’t take SD to cover that spread. I can take them to win, but not by more than 3. Whether it’s a fumble on a punt, or a pick 6, the Chargers will gift the Titans some extra points. Chargers 30 Titans 27

Broncos (pk) Over RAIDERS

Denver’s defense will do what they did to Cam Newton in the Super Bowl last year… shut down the Derek Carr momentum train. He’ll see pressure that he hasn’t seen in weeks, and it will get to him, just like it did against KC a few weeks ago. Broncos 19 Raiders 13

SEAHAWKS (-6.5) Over Bills

This one is weird… I feel like Vegas wants you to take Buffalo with the points… But I can’t see this Bill’s offense moving it a lot on Seattle. Seahawks 27 Bills 17

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