Brian Sullivan

Straight Up Picks 

Record (36-39-4)


TEXAS TECH (+3.5) Over Texas

Stupid Texas… It wouldn’t shock me if they screw me again, but Texas Tech has been underrated by Vegas all year. Texas Tech 38 Texas 34

KANSAS STATE (-3.0) Over Oklahoma State

As we all know, I’m a spread conspiracy theorist. Why on earth is Ok State an underdog here? They’re ranked… They just beat West Virginia… and Kansas State has just been average all year. Ok State should win this game by double digits… So they won’t. Kansas State 31 Oklahoma State 24

Florida State (-5.5) Over NC STATE

Florida State could use a bounce-back win after that tough loss to Clemson. I think they win convincingly this week to show the world that they’re still a top 10 team. Florida State 42 NC State 20

Iowa (+7.5) Over PENN STATE

I think Iowa wins straight up… They usually mess up any momentum that Penn State has. That’s an awful reason to pick a team but… Iowa 27 Penn State 24


Record (5-3)

Teaser #1 (+6.0)

Wisconsin (-.5) Over Northwestern
Baylor (-1.5) Over TCU
Alabama (-1.5) Over LSU
Florida State (+.5) Over NC State

Teaser #2 (+7.0)

Texas Tech (+10.5) Over Texas
Pittsburgh (+10.0) Over Miami
Oklahoma State (+10.0) Over Kansas State

Teaser #3 (Sweetheart +10.0)

UNC (-.5) Over Georgia Tech
Washington (-6.5) Over California
Texas A&M (-3.0) Over Mississippi State
Virginia Tech (-1.0) Over Duke


Over/Unders have been going awful as of late… So I think I’ll avoid them for a week or 2.

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