Brian Sullivan

Straight-Up Spreads

Record (31-36-4)

Wow… What an awful week. I think it’s time I stay away from the giant spreads. Time to get smarter. First, here’s some regular spread picks.


Virginia Tech (-3.5) Over PITTSBURGH

I hate VT… I hate that I’ll probably be wrong about this… but aside from that awful weird game against Syracuse, they’ve looked great… Especially defensively. Virginia Tech 30 Pittsburgh 24

Navy (+8.0) Over SOUTH FLORIDA

This feels like such a trap but… Seriously? USF has been kind of overhyped all year… Navy has actually been pretty consistent. They should keep it close… I think they win straight up. Navy 28 USF 24

Duke (+6.5) Over GEORGIA TECH

Duke is the better team here. They aren’t great, but Georgia Tech hasn’t done much to inspire me. Duke wins. Duke 31 Georgia Tech 24

NOTRE DAME (+1.5) Over Miami FL

Ok… This looks way too easy… Miami can’t lose to Notre Dame… Notre Dame is awful… So I’m gonna pick Notre Dame because College Football. Notre Dame 31 Miami 20

Texas Tech (+9.0) Over TCU

Ok… This one I can’t take the easy option. Wow, I’ll regret this. Texas Tech getting NINE against TCU? Really? How? How will TCU stop this offense? Texas Tech 45 TCU 38

Baylor (-3.0) Over TEXAS

Watch Baylor somehow win by only 2… But seriously, I can’t pick Texas… Baylor 35 Texas 20

Arizona State (+7.5) Over OREGON

I feel like this spread is small because Oregon is Oregon… But Oregon is VERY bad this season… I can’t see them winning by more than 7. Enjoy another high scoring game. Arizona State 38 Oregon 41

Auburn (-3.0) Over OLE MISS

How can I not take Auburn? I’ve doubted them all year, but this team has a ton of speed and talent. Auburn 38 Ole Miss 30


Record (0-0)

Now we’re gonna try something new. Teasers are a great way to win some money if you know your stuff. I… can’t really make that claim, but I see a LOT of games that look easier if I get an extra 7 points. Here’s a few combinations I’d recommend.

Thursday Night Teaser (+7.0)

Virginia Tech (+3.5) Over Pitt
Appalachian State (+2.0) Over Georgia Southern
California (+21.5) Over USC

Friday Night Teaser (+6.0)

Navy (+14.0) Over USF
San Diego State (-.5) Over Utah State

Early Saturday Teaser #1 (+7.0)

Duke (+13.5) Over Georgia Tech
Kansas State (+1.5) Over Iowa State
WVU (+2.5) Over OK State

Early Saturday Teaser #2 (+6.0)

Penn State (-5.5) Over Purdue
OK State (+10.5) Over WVU

Afternoon Saturday Teaser #1 (+7.0)

Florida (pk) Over Georgia
Washington (-3.0) Over Utah
Baylor (+4.0) Over Texas

Afternoon Saturday Teaser #2 (+6.0)

Notre Dame (+7.5) Over Miami
Temple (-1) Over Cincinnati
Texas Tech (+15.0) Over TCU

Evening Teaser (+7.0)

ASU (+14.5) Over Oregon
Wisconsin (-2.0) Over Nebraska
Clemson (+3.0) Over FSU

Late Teaser (+7.0)

Washington State (-6.5) Over Oregon State
Arizona (+12.0) Over Stanford
Memphis (+.5) Over Tulsa


Take These Overs

Record (21-19)

California @ USC (75.5)

Navy @ USF (63.5)

Miami @ Notre Dame (58.0)

Western Kentucky @ Florida Atlantic (65.5)

Cincinnati @ Temple (53.5)

Texas Tech @ TCU (86.5)

Washington @ Utah (52.0)

Tulsa @ Memphis (73.0)

Washington St. @ Oregon St. (56.5)


Take These Unders

Record (2-4)

Penn State @ Purdue (56.5)

Louisville @ Virginia (70.0)

Kansas State @ Iowa State (50.5)

Boston College @ NC State (46.0)

Clemson @ Florida State (60.0)

Texas A&M @ NM State (69.5)

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