Brian Sullivan

Record (44-49-1)


PACKERS (-7.5) Over Bears

Aaron Rodgers this. Aaron Rodgers that. Everyone is talking about him. I think he has a solid game, but the defense will be the key here for the Packers. Packers 27 Bears 13

Giants (-2.5) Over Rams (Neutral Field)

The Giants have quietly been consistent all year. All 3 of their losses have been to some pretty good teams. The Rams haven’t looked great outside of their division. Giants 24 Rams 20

Browns (+10.0) Over BENGALS

The Browns are better than their record indicates… Not THAT much better, but better. The Bengals have looked out of sync all year. The Bengals win, but the Browns keep it close. Bengals 21 Browns 17

Redskins (pk) Over LIONS

The Redskins are on fire right now, and I don’t see it ending here. They Redskins finally end the Lion’s 3 game winning streak against Washington. Redskins 27 Lions 24

Raiders (+1.0) Over JAGUARS

Really Vegas? I don’t get this… But hey, I really hope I’m wrong. Raiders 28 Jaguars 20

Saints (+6.5) Over CHIEFS

The Saints offense is just so effective at times… I can’t bet against them having a lead for a decent portion of this game. Unfortunately for them, I can’t bet on their defense holding it. Chiefs 34 Saints 31

Bills (-3.0) Over DOLPHINS

I can’t see Miami winning this game unless their newly built offensive line is for real. The Bills are one of the hottest teams in football, I don’t see their streak ending here either. Bills 28 Dolphins 24

Ravens (pk) Over JETS

I feel bad for anyone who’s forced to watch this game… It’s gonna be ugly. Ravens 16 Jets 10

Vikings (-2.5) Over EAGLES

Part of me wants to take Philly… this feels like the type of game that the Vikings blow. But this team feels different… I think they remind the NFL that they’re still the best team in the league. Vikings 27 Eagles 14

TITANS (-2.5) Over Colts

The Titans are strong in the trenches on both sides of the ball… That’s a recipe for disaster for the Colts. Titans 31 Colts 24

FALCONS (-6.5) Over Chargers

Honestly, betters should ignore me. There’s no analysis with this pick… It’s a pure gut feeling. Falcons 38 Chargers 17

Buccaneers (-2.0) Over 49ERS

I can’t pick San Francisco anymore… They truly are the worst team in football. Buccaneers 30 49ers 20

Patriots (-7.0) Over STEELERS

Tom Brady vs. Landry Jones… Oh yea, and Landry Jones is going up against a much better defense. Patriots 38 Steelers 20

Seahawks (-2.0) Over CARDINALS

The Cardinals get the points after an impressive national TV victory, but the Seahawks are still the team to beat in the NFC West. They take charge of their division with a huge win here. Seahawks 23 Cardinals 20

BRONCOS (-7.0) Over Texans

The Broncos defense will come back with a vengeance against an offense that has struggled against elite defenses. Broncos 23 Texans 10

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