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Last week was absolutely absurd… As are most weeks in the NFL. There’s a lot of games that look very interesting on paper, but they might also be complete blowouts. We have some very favorable match-ups for some teams that desperately need wins. Here we go.


None… There’s really 0 match-ups here that have a huge hype-level.

Potentially Great Match-Ups

1) Panthers @ Falcons

Are the Falcons for real? Are the Panthers slumping? We’ll get a better idea here. Unfortunately, I think Cam and the Panthers decimate this still weak Falcons defense.

2) Seahawks @ Jets

Two great defenses. Two inconsistent offenses. This COULD be a great, defensive oriented match-up. It could also be one of the sloppiest games of football you’ll ever see. Don’t be surprised if the weather is terrible… Just to make things worse.

3) Raiders @ Ravens

Two potential playoff contenders. Two teams that could be complete flops. Both have benefited by beating some pretty average to below average teams. I have no idea what to expect from this game.

4) Chiefs @ Steelers

The Chief’s ferocious defense up against the Steeler’s high powered offense. What’s not to love? Well… the Chiefs offense will still be missing Charles most likely… And this feels like it will be one of those weird “Ben throws 19 touchdowns in 4 minutes after getting shut down by Philadelphia” type of games. It’s the Steeler’s way.

5) Giants @ Vikings

If the Giant’s offense is clicking, this should be a great battle between their weapons and the Vikings talented defense. But… We might also see “Cable Eli”… And it might just be an ugly one.

Entertaining… But Likely Meaningless

6) Colts Vs. Jaguars

It’s in London. You have two offenses with a lot of talent up against two awful defenses… There should be a lot of scoring. But really… are any of these two teams competing?

7) Saints @ Chargers

Literally just remove “It’s in London” and re-read what I just wrote.

8) Browns @ Redskins

Call me crazy… But the Browns have actually been fighting. I’m curious about how they continue to improve under Hue Jackson. I’d rather watch this then watch a couple of Super Bowl contenders romp average teams.

Maybe A Good Team Blows It?

9) Rams @ Cardinals

I know they’re struggling… But this Cardinals team is STILL loaded. We saw that back in Week 2. Can they put it all together here? Or do the Rams, who looked ABYSMAL back in Week 1, suddenly jump to 3-1?

10) Broncos @ Buccaneers

I have this here because the spread is small… So maybe Vegas is telling us something? But in reality… The Bucs don’t stand a chance…

11) Cowboys @ 49ers

Similar to the game up top… The 49ers are looking like the team we expected this year. The Cowboys really shouldn’t have an issue here… But you never know with a rookie QB and a vulnerable defense.

12) Bills @ Patriots

The Bills are coming off of a big win here, so MAYBE it will be interesting… But the Pats just look unbeatable right now.


13) Dolphins @ Bengals

Why are the Dolphins so bad? Why is Prime-Time Andy Dalton so bad? Ugh….

14) Lions @ Bears

The Lions will likely escape with a win… Pushing them closer to 7-9 or 6-10.

15) Titans @ Texans

No JJ Watt even? Unless Mariota suddenly turns it on, this game feels pretty insignificant.

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