Brian Sullivan

Record (22-26)


BENGALS (-7.5) Over Dolphins

The Dolphins just aren’t very good… So give me Cincy in a semi-blowout. Bengals 35 Dolphins 21

Colts (-2.5) Over Jaguars

I guess there is no home team here? But Andrew Luck usually has his way against the Jaguars. I expect more of the same here. Colts 38 Jaguars 24

Lions (-3.0) Over BEARS

This is a division game, so I’d avoid it. But I can’t bet on the Bears right now… Lions 28 Bears 13

Panthers (-3.0) Over FALCONS

I like what Atlanta is doing so far this season… So naturally, they’ll play awfully this game. Panthers 31 Falcons 20

Raiders (+3.5) Over RAVENS

The Raiders have a high powered offense, and their defense played fantastically last week. I see a victory here, so take the money line. Raiders 23 Ravens 16

TEXANS (-4.5) Over Titans

Yes, they lost JJ Watt… But the Texans still have more talent. The Titans look very off right now. Texans 27 Titans 20

PATRIOTS (-4.5) Over Bills

I still don’t buy into the Bills… This game might change my mind. Patriots 28 Bills 17

JETS (+2.5) Over Seahawks

That Seahawks O-line will likely be MAULED by the Jets defensive line. Upset alert here. Jets 14 Seahawks 10

Browns (+7.5) Over REDSKINS

The Browns continue to keep it close with other teams… So I’ll believe in them here. Redskins 24 Browns 20

Broncos (-3.0) Over BUCCANEERS 

Yea… I know it’s a road game but… That spread is way too small. Broncos 30 Buccaneers 17

Rams (+7.5) Over CARDINALS

Big spread… Even though the Rams actually looked like the better team last week. Maybe it’s a bait? But I see a close one here. Cardinals 21 Rams 16

CHARGERS (-3.5) Over Saints

This Saints defense… I can see Melvin Gordon having a field day here. Chargers 30 Saints 24

Cowboys (-3.0) Over 49ERS

I know it’s a road game, but the Cowboys usually play better on the road anyway. A nice win for them here. Cowboys 31 49ers 13

STEELERS (-5.0) Over Chiefs

People want to overreact to that loss, but this Steelers team is still better than the Chiefs. Expect a classic bounce back, as Big Ben torches this Chiefs defense. Steelers 38 Chiefs 20

VIKINGS (-4.5) Over Giants

This Vikings defense is insane… And Eli usually has issues against Minnesota. Vikings 24 Giants 10

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