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What a weird week… So many changes in this week’s rankings. Are the Cardinals and Steelers suddenly awful? Are the Eagles legitimate? Are the Titans… No wait, they’re still pretty abysmal. Anyways, check out last week’s rankings here.

1) New England Patriots (3-0) (LW: 1)

Another week, another win for the Bradyless Pats. Do they make it 4-0 against Buffalo?

2) Denver Broncos (3-0) (LW: 2)

No changes here; the Broncos continue to win games… It should be a common theme throughout the year.

3) Minnesota Vikings (3-0) (LW: 6)

No Adrian Peterson… No Teddy Bridgewater… Two games in a row against some of the top contenders in the NFC… 3 wins? Mike Zimmer is a genius… 

4) Philadelphia Eagles (3-0) (LW: 12)

Ignore last year… Ignore everything you know about anything besides this year. Now look at every team. Has any other team looked as consistently good as Philly? Besides the other top 3? No? Cool, so stop saying the Seahawks, Packers, etc. are better just because of the past. I’m sure they’ll jump up eventually, but for now, the Eagles are a better team.

5) Baltimore Ravens (3-0) (LW: 11)

Wins are wins… As of now, they stay bunched up with the other unbeatens.

6) Seattle Seahawks (2-1) (LW: 13)

The defense is still fantastic… The offense looks like it’s starting to figure things out. As long as Wilson stays healthy, they can beat anybody… Besides the Rams.

7) Pittsburgh Steelers (2-1) (LW: 3)

What the hell was that? What an awful loss. But the return of Bell should re-spark this offense. This is still a very good team.

8) Green Bay Packers (2-1) (LW: 14)

They won a game that they should have won… They let Detroit get back into it though which was concerning. Still, they head into their Bye with some momentum.

9) Atlanta Falcons (2-1) (LW: 18)

This defense will eventually be the demise of the Falcons, but they just won 2 straight road games in some tough environments. That’s impressive.

10) New York Giants (2-1) (LW: 8)

A close loss to a division rival, especially in the NFC East, isn’t a huge cause for concern. If they get blown out by Minnesota next week, then we may have some problems.

11) Dallas Cowboys (2-1) (LW: 19)

Two wins against two pretty bad teams… I expect them to start falling as their schedule gets tougher. But I do like Dak.

12) Kansas City Chiefs (2-1) (LW: 15)

I might be nitpicking, but I’m not very sold on the Chiefs. It took an epic collapse from San Diego to get their first win, and another epic collapse to win again. The fact that, despite getting EIGHT turnovers, it was still a game in the fourth quarter against the Jets is very concerning honestly… We’ll see what they do against Pittsburgh.

13) Carolina Panthers (1-2) (LW: 5)

Wow… That loss looked awfully similar to that Super Bowl loss. Cam was just under constant pressure… We’ll see what they’re made of this week at the Georgia Dome.

14) Arizona Cardinals (1-2) (LW: 4)

I ask again… What the hell was that? That’s all… This team is too talented to be this bad… But they don’t look great.

15) Cincinnati Bengals (1-2) (LW: 9)

They’ve lost to some very good teams… But they let Trevor Siemian absolutely torch them, which is not something that should be overlooked.

16) Oakland Raiders (2-1) (LW: 16)

A nice win for the Raiders, but the lack of offense in the 2nd quarter, against a pretty weak Titans team, is an issue.

17) New York Jets (1-2) (LW: 10)

A 3rd case of “what the hell happened here?”. Seriously, this team is better than that. Fitzpatrick likely played the worst game he’ll play in his career… Things can only get better, right?

18) Houston Texans (2-1) (LW: 7)

Ok, I’ll admit I might be overreacting here… But that loss to New England was just pathetic. Unlike the Steelers, they need to earn it next week to move back up.

19) Los Angeles Rams (2-1) (LW: 29)

Well, maybe Week 1 was just a fluke? Maybe this team isn’t that bad? I’m not sure, Tampa isn’t exactly the most impressive win, but 2-1 is 2-1.

20) Indianapolis Colts (1-2) (LW: 23)

Well, they won a game. But it was the Chargers… An injury decimated Chargers. The Colts should improve as their key players continue to return.

21) Washington Redskins (1-2) (LW: 28)

Suddenly, the Redskins don’t look so bad. They’re similar to the Rams, only they actually have a QB I can sort of believe in.

22) Tennessee Titans (1-2) (LW: 20)

The defense has been surprisingly solid.. .Too bad the offense is utter garbage. Mariota appears to be suffering from the sophomore slump. Demarco Murray looks surprisingly good though.

23) Detroit Lions (1-2) (LW: 21)

One of the few teams that’s performing exactly how I expected… They’re the definition of “slightly below average”.

24) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1-2) (LW: 24)

They really should fall, but these teams below them are just so awful…

25) Buffalo Bills (1-2) (LW: 25)

They really should move up… But I still don’t think this is a great team… Keep it close in NE and I’ll be a believer.

26) San Diego Chargers (1-2) (LW: 16)

Ah, the classic Chargers. Look great one week, only to completely collapse the next. Indianapolis nearly handed them the game, but the Chargers insisted the Colts win. Philip Rivers looked uncharacteristically bad also.

27) Miami Dolphins (1-2) (LW: 26)

Weird, they actually move down after a win. That’s what happens when the Browns take you to OT at home.

28) San Francisco 49ers (1-2) (LW: 22)

There’s the 49ers we all expected this season!

29) New Orleans Saints (0-3) (LW: 27)

This defense… Wow.

30) Chicago Bears (0-3) (LW: 31)

This offense… Wow.

31) Jacksonville Jaguars (0-3) (LW: 30)

This everything… Wow.

32) Cleveland Browns (0-3) (LW: 32)

Honestly, this team plays with intensity and Terrelle Pryor is actually very exciting… Too bad they’re just awful.

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