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What an odd week in football… But I keep forgetting that the first few weeks are usually startling… Here’s some notes from the past few weeks.

Defense Wins Championships

Ok, I don’t want to start with a cliche, but look at the best teams in football right now. The Broncos, Patriots, Eagles, Vikings and Ravens all boast some very impressive defenses. It continues to look like we’re exiting the era of the QB, and entering another defensive era.

Rookie QBs are Dazzling

Now to completely contradict myself, we appear to have some stars in the making in the NFC East. Dak Prescott and Carson Wentz have been very impressive so far. Are they simply gimmicks? Will teams figure them out? Or are they truly gifted? I’ll lean towards the latter. Not to mention Jared Goff is sitting on the bench in LA… He has a chance to be a star once he’s ready.

Eric Weddle Is Back

This tweet from earlier sums it up.

Seriously, this defense looks completely different. People seem to forget that he was an All-Pro safety just two years ago. Now, with a far superior organization, he seems revitalized.

The Redskins Are Suddenly Trending Up

After that week 1 catastrophe, the Redskins are starting to look like a solid team again. They lost a very close game to a division rival, then come back with a much needed win. I’m not saying they’ll compete for a Playoff spot, but they look far better than the disaster we expected they might be after Week 1.

The Carson Palmer Era Might be Coming to an End

The overreaction of the week, but between the Preseason and the first 3 weeks, it’s been clear that Carson Palmer isn’t on the level he was on last year. Maybe the playoff loss rattled him? I find it very hard to look at this team as a legitimate Super Bowl contender if they can’t find any consistency.

The AFC South Hype Train Has Died…

Many people (myself included) thought that this might be the year the AFC South becomes interesting. Marcus Mariota and Blake Bortles would start to shine, the Texans rebuilt team would flourish, and Andrew Luck would have the Colts looking like a deep playoff contender again… Nope. The Colts still look awful, despite a win. The Jaguars and Titans look worse. There is hope for the Texans, maybe that loss to NE was a fluke. But so far, none of these teams look very threatening.

I Was Fooled By Fitzpatrick

I’ll admit, I thought that maybe, just maybe, Todd Bowles and this Jets offense were enough to help Fitzpatrick elevate his game. Well… We saw that there’s still the old Fitzpatrick in there. 6 interceptions? Really? That’s just awful.

The AFC West Defenses Could Be Terrifying

We all know about the Broncos and Chiefs… Both defenses are loaded. The Raiders pieces might finally be coming together after an impressive showing against Tennessee. Even the Chargers defense looks solid, despite all of the injuries. Plus, Joey Bosa will be added to the mix soon. For years to come, this division could be the class of the NFL when it comes to defenses… So many talented young players.

Hue Jackson Is A Great Coach

Ok, weird that I’m using one of these slots to praise a coach who is 0-3 right? But this Browns team is awful… I mean awful. There’s very little established talent, and they’re on their 3rd quarterback already. Yet Hue has this team fighting. They have yet to be embarrassed… Well, scoreboard wise. So yes, things are bleak in Cleveland… But it isn’t a coaching problem.

R-E-L-A-X Part 2?

Aaron Rodgers, there you are! What a game, as he threw for 205 yards and 4 TDs. It was concerning that the Lions got back into it, but at least Rodgers is starting to look like himself again, especially with Nelson. Slowly but surely, the Packers are looking like the Packers again.

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