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Broke even last week at 8-8, it wasn’t a great week. Hopefully things start to even out once we get a better idea of what these teams are made of. Also, no more doing things in order of confidence, but I will give a lock or two and keep track of that.


Record (15-17)

Texans (pk) Over PATRIOTS

Bill Belicheck is a wizard… But Jacoby Brissett? I actually like Jacoby and think he has solid potential, but he’s way to raw to handle this Texans defense. It’ll be low scoring, but I’ll take Houston. Texans 21 Patriots 17

Raiders (+1.5) Over TITANS

The Raiders defense has been atrocious, but this Titans team might be just what they need. It might be just what the Titans need too though… You should probably just stay away from this one. Raiders 30 Titans 24

Vikings (+7.5) Over PANTHERS

The Vikings are pretty similar to the Broncos actually… Their defense will keep this close. But the Panthers will likely pull away at the end. Panthers 27 Vikings 23

Broncos (+3.5) Over BENGALS

The Broncos might win this game honestly… But maybe they aren’t the same team on the road? We’ll see. Broncos 26 Bengals 20

Lions (+7.5) Over PACKERS

This spread might be baiting me… But the Packers just look very off. Give me Detroit for now, they’ll keep it close. Packers 24 Lions 20

Ravens (pk) Over JAGUARS (LOCK #1)

The Ravens are simply the better team… This one will be low scoring and ugly, but Flacco and company will find a way to win. Ravens 16 Jaguars 13

DOLPHINS (-10.0) Over Browns

Finally, a winnable game for Miami… And they’re licking their chops right now. The Browns were already terrible… Now they’re starting a third string QB… This will get ugly. Dolphins 38 Browns 10

Redskins (+4.5) Over GIANTS

This one is tough… But the Redskins usually keep it tight with their division rivals. Giants 23 Redskins 20

Cardinals (-4.5) Over BILLS (LOCK #2)

Barring some sort of fluky game, the Cardinals should crush Buffalo. They’re simply better in every aspect of the game. I’ll probably throw a nice chunk on this one. Cardinals 35 Bills 17

49ers (+9.5) Over SEAHAWKS

This feels so easy… But you never know when Seattle is going to figure themselves out. It might be this week… But this game will likely be a repeat of last week for Seattle, only they’ll come out on top. Seahawks 12 49ers 9

Rams (+4.5) Over BUCCANEERS

I have no idea… Both teams have been so enigmatic this year… So I guess take the points? Just don’t bet on this one… Bucs 21 Rams 17

Chargers (+2.5) Over COLTS

The Chargers are the better team… But you never know with the Chargers. Like the Seahawks game, this one is CLOSE to a lock for me… But whether it’s another horrible collapse, a horrible start, or 18 more players getting hurt, the Chargers could easily find a way to blow this one. Chargers 27 Colts 24

Jets (+3.0) Over CHIEFS (LOCK #3)

The Jets are the better team here, but KC is pretty lights out at home. With the points included, I’ll take the Jets. I think they come out on top here. Jets 28 Chiefs 20

Steelers (-3.5) Over EAGLES 

I’d make this a lock… But I’ll be at the game, so I don’t want to jinx it or anything. But this feels like a blowout. Steelers 35 Eagles 20

Bears (+7.5) Over Cowboys

The Cowboys just don’t seem to blow out opponents very often. They’ll win, but I think it’ll be somewhat close. Cowboys 28 Bears 24

Saints (-3.0) Over Falcons

The Saints need the W here… They play better at home. They’ve shown that they can keep up with teams in the same tier as Atlanta. They got this. Saints 38 Falcons 34

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