Brian Sullivan

Another week, another set of some of the top things I (along with many others) have noticed from Sunday.

1) The Raiders Defense is Atrocious

It was a summer spending spree for the Raiders, but it’s hardly paying off right now. The Raiders rank dead last in yards per game allowed. In fact, they broke a 65 year old record by allowing 1,035 yards in their first two games… Nice.

2) The Giants on the Other Hand…

Look great. Damon Harrison and Olivier Vernon have helped this defensive line improve immensely. They continue to stifle relatively good offenses. We’ll see how they perform going forward.

3) The Jets and Texans are Dark Horse Contenders

Yes, I said it. Contenders. Not playoff contenders… Championship contenders. Most people look at the Steelers, Broncos, and Pats. Rightfully so, but these two teams have some very balanced teams. Both teams need some units to step up (Jets secondary and Texans offense in general), but they’re both loaded with talent.

4) The Broncos Haven’t Lost a Step

Even without Manning, this looks like the same old Broncos team… There’s something about them… This organization just does things right. Players rarely get hurt, and they always find themselves on top in close games. They just win…

5) The AFC is WAY Better than the NFC

At least for now. In the AFC, you have the top 3 Super Bowl favorites right now in Denver, New England, and Pittsburgh. Behind them, you have the next wave of contenders including Cincinnati, New York, Kansas City, Baltimore and Houston. Hell, the Colts, Chargers, and Raiders all have the potential to make some noise. In the NFC? The Packers look off, the Panthers have lost a step on defense, and the Seahawks look lost on offense. The Vikings don’t have an offensive line and their QB could go down at any second. The next tier teams (Giants, Falcons, Cowboys, Eagles, etc.) don’t really look like they have a real shot to win a title. As of now, the Cardinals are the only contender that look like they could hang with the Steelers, Patriots, or Broncos. That’s not a good look, but things will change.

6) Something is Wrong in Green Bay

Speaking of the Packers, what is going on with Aaron Rodgers? He just doesn’t look like himself… He’s too young to be declining right? Is it the coaching? His confidence? All I know is the league is better when Rodgers is balling out, but he isn’t right now.

7) The Patriots are Going to be Unstoppable

If they pull out these last two wins with Jacoby Brissett, they might go undefeated… Did you see the Cardinals this week? That’s the team the Pats beat on the road… fully healthy… with plenty of time to prepare.. .without their elite QB or the best tight end in the league….. Who the hell can beat these guys when Brady and Gronk get back?

8) Florida’s Football Failures

The Bucs and Jaguars generated a lot of hype over the summer. The Bucs lived up to it… for at least one week. The Jaguars did too, after keeping it close with the Packers. This week? Reality seemed to hit as they were both smoked on the road by better teams. Was it just a bad week for Florida Football in general? I mean between this and FSU….

9) Dak Prescott is a Lot Better than Any Option the Cowboys Had Last Year

He’s not perfect. He’ll make mistakes. But compared to Matt Cassell and company? He’s been great… This team can compete with just about anybody. Will they come out on top all of the time? Obviously not. But this isn’t the same Romo-less team we saw last year. These Cowboys can play.

10) The Seahawks Offensive Line is Offensively Bad

They’re worse than the headline I used for this one… Russell Wilson is a magician, but even he can only endure so much. The defense is not the problem in Seattle (obviously…), but this offense might be too bad for this team to make the Playoffs this year… They’ve really crashed down to earth.

Thanks for reading! Tune in next week, follow me on Twitter @MadManBsul, and follow us @TheMadManSports.

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