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What a wild weekend it was. Some say Lamar Jackson is still scoring today. So here’s who I think are the Top 25 teams in the nation. I feel I’ve seen enough to finally start doing these.

1) Alabama (3-0)

They ALMOST blew it. But they didn’t. This defense is still out of this world. In reality, they completely outplayed Ole Miss… Ole Miss had EVERYTHING go right for them, and they STILL lost. Crazy.

2) Ohio State (3-0)

After a somewhat concerning display against Tulsa (and even that’s a big stretch, they just needed some time to start scoring), Ohio State went into the Palace and manhandled Oklahoma. Oklahoma isn’t the same team they were last year, but this is still a very talented team. Ohio State continues to challenge Bama for best defense in College Football.

3) Louisville (3-0)

I’m not surprised that Lamar Jackson is still killing the game… But what surprised me was how well everyone else on this Louisville team played. Their defense completely dominated the game as well against a loaded FSU offense… This was probably Louisville’s toughest game, let’s see how they handle the spotlight.

4) Michigan (3-0)

They struggled early, but Colorado couldn’t handle that defense forever. They have yet to really be tested, though Colorado is no slouch, and they handled them the way a top 5 team should.

5) Houston (3-0)

Their score was inflated against Cincinnati, but a win is a win. Greg Ward did get shaken up a lot during that victory; this team can’t beat any of the top 4 teams if they don’t protect Ward.

6) Clemson (3-0)

They drop down simply because everyone else rose a bit. They handled SC State the way that they should. They should beat GT, which will set up a HUGE game against Louisville.

7) Stanford (3-0)

Stanford continues to look consistent, as they handled USC with good defense and another great showing by McCaffery.

8) Michigan State (3-0)

What a win against Notre Dame… They can’t rise more simply because the teams below them deserve to be where they are… But going into ND is a tough task. They’ll have opportunities to move up, as the season only gets tougher.

9) Washington (3-0)

They’re decimating awful teams, so for now they rise. We’ll see what this team is made of against Stanford in a few weeks.

10) Arkansas (3-0)

What? Arkansas? Really? Yes… I’m high on this team, and all of these other mid tier teams looked VERY suspect this week. A week after going into TCU and winning, they handle business the way a ranked team should.

11) Texas A&M (3-0)

They didn’t blow it… Unlike these past few Texas A&M teams, they’re continuing to look good even after their annual Week 1 win. Maybe this team is legit?

12) Wisconsin (3-0)

They have to drop a few spots after that game against Georgia State… A win is a win, but that was ugly.


13) Tennessee (3-0)

See Iowa and Wisconsin.

14) Georgia (3-0)

They get more credit because A) they came back and B) they did it on the road. Still, another top team struggling against weaker opposition.

15) Florida (3-0)

They’ll finally be tested against Tennessee next week… But for now, they’ve handled their gimme games the way they should.

16) Miami FL (3-0)

Brad Kaaya looks great, and the defense has looked solid as well. They get a few weeks off before a game against GT, followed by some real tests against Florida State and UNC.

17) Baylor (3-0)

I’m looking forward to their first real test against Mason Rudolph and the Cowboys of Oklahoma State. Until then, they chill here at 17.

18) Florida State (2-1)

I’m sorry, but when you get embarrassed like that, you have to drop pretty far down.

19) LSU (2-1)

Two home wins against one awful team and one average SEC team… They need to step it up.

20) Nebraska (3-0)

In an exciting game against Oregon, they come out on top. Very impressive offense, but the defense needs to be more consistent.

21) San Diego State (3-0)

Everyone is riding the Cal hype train after a huge win over Texas… but does everyone forget that this SDSU team beat them just last week. They’ve won 13 straight games and have quietly looked very good lately.

22) Texas (2-1)

That loss was tough, but they still have that ND win under their belt. They have plenty of opportunities to prove their worth in a tough Big 12.

23) Utah (3-0)

They haven’t really been flashy, but they’ve consistently found ways to win games.

24) UNC (2-1)

This offense is still loaded, so they get back in after winning convincingly against a weak JMU team.

25) South Florida (3-0)

They finally earn a spot in the Top 25 after blowing out Syracuse after an early scare. Now they take on an FSU team that will be looking for blood.

Thanks for reading! Leave a comment if you think your team deserves to be in the Top 25, and follow me on Twitter @MadManBsul. Follow us @TheMadManSports

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