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Week 2 doesn’t look to be the most exciting weekend of football on paper… But then again, that’s what we all said about College Football last week. I’ll do my best to predict which match-ups will be the most exciting, whether it’s because of excitement or implications in the future.

Tier 1 – Must Watch Football

1) New Orleans Saints @ New York Giants (-4.5)

After last year’s epic aerial duel, how can you not want to tune in this week? Neither team lost a HUGE key piece, so there should be plenty of points scored in this one. If you like smash mouth football, this might not be for you (although that Giants defensive line is very tough). If you like points, please tune in. PLUS, this could have huge wild card implications.

2) Cincinnati Bengals @ Pittsburgh Steelers (-3.5)

I’m probably being biased by putting that Giants and Saints ahead of this one, because this will set the tone early in the AFC North. It’s anyone’s division to win… well besides Cleveland (sorry guys), so this is a pretty huge match-up for both teams. It might not be as exciting, especially if the Bengals offensive line continues to struggle, but there’s potential for a lot of points and a lot of physical play here.

Tier 2 – Less Exciting, More Important

3) New York Jets @ Buffalo Bills (pk)

The Jets have a brutal stretch of games coming up. The Bills are coming off of a tough win. Both teams will likely be playing for a wild card berth, and in a loaded AFC, those spots are tough to come by. This game isn’t very sexy, but we might remember it later in the season, when one of these teams misses the playoffs by one game.

4) Kansas City Chiefs @ Houston Texans (-2.5)

Without Jamaal Charles and Justin Houston, there’s not a TON of star power in this one. Still, we have JJ Watt, Eric Berry, Deandre Hopkins, and of course, the Brock Lobster. Both teams will likely be fighting for playoff spots all year as well, and both teams have something to prove. Are the Chiefs just lucky San Diego collapsed? Did the Texans just take advantage of a weak Bears team? One of these teams will come out proving they’re legit after this game.

5) Indianapolis Colts @ Denver Broncos (-6.0)

Broncos games are rarely exciting until the 4th quarter, usually because their offense remains somewhat stagnant, while their defense stifles the opponent. But Andrew Luck can make things interesting. Were the Lions just awful on defense, or is Andrew Luck really back? We’ll find out this week, this is as tough as it gets.

6) Green Back Packers (-2.0) @ Minnesota Vikings

If Teddy was healthy, this would skyrocket to #1. Still, this is a HUGE game for the NFC North. Winner gets the early lead. Also, we get to see Aaron Rodgers up against a very talented defense, which is usually fun.

Could be Surprisingly Great

7) Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Arizona Cardinals (-6.5)

This game will hopefully answer a TON of questions. Are the Cardinals struggling? Or did Bill just out coach them. Is Jameis Winston a legitimate MVP candidate? Or did he just take advantage of a bad Falcons defense? This might be a blowout, but I have a feeling it will be VERY exciting. Who knows, maybe the Panthers have some real competition for the NFC South after all?

8) Dallas Cowboys @ Washington Redskins (-2.5)

Tough showing for both teams, but this is a good chance to rebuild some momentum for both teams. Can Zeke and Dak instill some confidence in the Dallas fan base? Or will Kirk and the Redskins prove that week 1 was a fluke? The NFC East is up for grabs, every game matters.

9) Jacksonville Jaguars @ San Diego Chargers (-3.0)

It’ll be interesting to see if the Chargers REALLY did blow it, or if Kansas City just mounted an epic comeback. Can they return to their first half form against this Jaguars team? Or will the Jaguars prove that they’re a dark horse in the AFC by earning a road win?

Not Much Drama

10) Philadelphia Eagles @ Chicago Bears (-3.0)

One team is riding high off of a victory; the other, trying to regain momentum. We’ll see the Eagle’s true colors here, which should be interesting. Did they just take advantage of Cleveland being Cleveland? Or is Carson Wentz a legitimate Rookie of the Year candidate?

11) Atlanta Falcons @ Oakland Raiders (-4.5)

There could be a lot of points here, but I have a feeling the Raiders stomp the Falcons here.

12) Miami Dolphins @ New England Patriots (-6.5)

It feels unlikely that the Dolphins pull off an upset here, but I’ll keep an eye out just in case. Still, after last week, these Pats games all feel less interesting.

13) Tennessee Titans @ Detroit Lions (-6.0)

I am curious to see if Mariota can bounce back against a Lions defense that looked very vulnerable against the Colts. Or maybe this Lions defense is OK and Luck is just incredible?

Unless You’re a Fan of These Teams, Just Avoid these Games

14) San Francisco 49ers @ Carolina Panthers (-13.5)

This will likely be a blowout. However, if the Niners do happen to keep it close in the first half, suddenly I’ll be interested.

15) Baltimore Ravens @ Cleveland Browns (-7.0)

These games can actually be exciting sometimes, maybe we see another ridiculous ending. But, really, the Ravens will likely handle business.

16) Seattle Seahawks @ Los Angeles Rams (-3.5)

I know I know… I should care more but… This is gonna be a slop fest if you ask me. The Seahawks terrible O-line getting swarmed by the Rams… And Case Keenum attempting to throw against this Seahawks defense… Yuk, no thanks.

Thanks for reading! Tune in for more, follow me on Twitter @MadManBsul, and follow us @TheMadManSports.

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