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With Week 2 being only a few hours away, we’ll dive into some of the most exciting match-ups to look for this week.

Allen Robinson Vs. Jason Verrett

Allen Robinson’s third season wasn’t exactly stellar, but he did catch 6 balls for 72 yards against a pretty stout Packers secondary. It won’t be any easier this week, as he’ll likely be facing one of the best man coverage corners in the league in Verrett. Just look at this interception… I’m still not sure how he ended up with that. Both players will be tested by one another, it should be wild.

The Bengal’s Offensive Line vs. The Steeler’s Defensive Line

7… That’s how many times the Bengals allowed Andy Dalton to be sacked on Sunday, albeit against a very talented Jets defensive line. The Steelers boast yet another talented line though, and the Bengals defense will have trouble holding the Steelers to only 19 points. If Tuitt and Heyward aren’t handled properly, it will be another long day for Dalton and the Bengals.

Ezekiel Elliot Vs. The Redskins Front 7

Although he managed a touchdown, Elliot only averaged 2.5 yards per carry against a fierce Giants defensive line. Lucky for him, he’ll be going up against a Redskins defensive line that was carved up by Deangelo Williams. Maybe 2nd time is the charm for Zeke? If he can’t produce this game, perhaps we start questioning the Cowboys decision to take him fourth overall.

Matt Forte Vs. The Bill’s Linebackers

Forte caught 5 balls for 59 yards in his Jet’s debut last week, and he’ll likely be looked upon again this Week. Can Zach Brown and Preston Brown keep him contained? That will likely be one of the deciding factors of this game.

Alshon Jeffery Vs. The Eagle’s Safeties

Alshon Jeffery was held somewhat in check against Houston, catching only 4 balls (though he did accumulate over 100 yards). The Eagles cornerbacks aren’t exactly elite, but can the talented duo of Malcolm Jenkins and Rodney McLeod prevent him from making any big plays? That’s the big question.

Carlos Hyde Vs. The Panther’s Front 7

If the 49ers want ANY shot of winning this game, they’ll have to control the clock and keep Cam on the sidelines. Carlos Hyde was a monster, racking up 88 yards and 2 touchdowns against a scary Rams defensive line. Can he do it again and give the 49ers a shot? (Well… Probably not.)

Brock Osweiler Vs. The Chief’s Defense

There’s no excuses for Brock. The Chiefs are missing their best pass rusher, and his offense looks like it has plenty of talent. Miller ran the ball effectively, Hopkins and Fuller are great weapons, and the offensive line played well. Can he do it against a better team and prove he was worth his massive contract?

Mike Evans Vs. Patrick Peterson

Evans started the season off on the right foot by catching 5 passes for 99 yards and one beautiful touchdown. Now, he faces an incredible talent in Peterson. Can Peterson shut down Winston’s favorite target? Or will Evan’s begin to establish himself as a truly elite talent?

Colt’s Offensive Line Vs. Denver’s Front 7

Ryan Kelly and company played very well against Detroit, but Denver is another animal. Still, the Broncos don’t quite pack the same punch without Malik Jackson. If Luck can stay protected, the Colts have a good chance to win this game.

Amari Cooper Vs. Desmond Trufant

Cooper continues to shine, after shredding the Saints for 137 yards on 6 catches. But this week he matches up against one of the league’s best in Desmond Trufant. If Trufant can take Cooper out of the game, Derek Carr will likely be a lot less comfortable.

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