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Now that I’ve had a few weeks to assess the College Football world, I feel ready to make some spread picks. Keep in mind, I don’t go for the best games, simply the best opportunities to make some money. So here’s 10 games I would bet on. HOME TEAMS in all caps.

Record (0-0)

Ohio State (-1.5) Over OKLAHOMA

Jump on this now while the spread is small.  This Ohio State defense is unbelievably talented. They’re one of the few teams that can really contain Baker Mayfield and company. As long as the offense plays relatively well, they should win by a decent margin. Ohio State 34 Oklahoma 24

ARKANSAS (-31.0) Over Texas State

I don’t usually like big spreads, but I feel like this will be an absolute demolition. Arkansas is still out to prove they can really contend with the best, so they won’t let up. Arkansas 66 Texas State 3

NEBRASKA (-3.0) Over Oregon

Oregon has struggled lately. Nebraska actually has a solid squad. If the good Tommy Armstrong shows up, this should be a win in a high scoring affair. Nebraska 45 Oregon 38

MEMPHIS (-20.5) Over Kansas

I know very little about Memphis, but Kansas is still awful, and I can see them winning by more than 3 scores. Memphis 56 Kansas 10


This spread is very, very suspicious to me… But I’m gonna fall for the trap. I think people are remembering that App State played well against Tennessee… But this Miami team is pretty talented. They should handle business here. Miami 31 Appalachian State 20

Houston (-8.0) Over CINCINNATI

Cincinnati isn’t bad by any means, but this Houston team is out to prove something. A top tier contender doesn’t let Cincy hang around. Houston 45 Cincinnati 20

Florida State (-2.5) Over LOUISVILLE

I really… really… really hope I’m wrong, because Lamar Jackson has leapfrogged into my #1 slot for favorite football players to ever step foot on a field… OK, I’m exaggerating a little, but he’s so fun to watch. But this Florida State team is just too loaded… They should handle business relatively easily. Florida State 45 Louisville 31

MICHIGAN (-20.5) Over Colorado

Michigan at the Big House? Feels like some easy money. Michigan 48 Colorado 17

Texas A&M (+3.5) Over AUBURN

Normally, I avoid these spreads when the underdog is a higher ranking. But I think people are putting way too much stock into that Clemson game. A&M is the better team here, they should win. Texas A&M 30 Auburn 20

Texas (-8.0) Over CALIFORNIA

Texas looks fantastic so far… California does not. Pretty small spread. BONUS, take the over even though it’s huge (76.5), there’s gonna be a lot of points scored. Texas 55 California 38

Thanks for reading! Good luck gamblers, win some money! Follow me on Twitter @MadManBsul and follow us @TheMadManSports

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