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Week 1 is in the books, so here’s how the league is looking after 1 week. In the future, I’ll try to have some gifs/pictures added to make these articles pop, but I’m doing this from a work computer so I’ll have to keep it simple. Here we go:

1) New England Patriots (1-0) – Wow… No Brady… No Gronk… No Nate Solder… No Rob Ninkovich… It doesn’t matter. They go into Arizona and defeat one of the most complete rosters in football. Bill Belicheck is a walking legend… Give him San Diego State’s roster and he’d probably churn out 6 wins.

2) Denver Broncos (1-0) – The Broncos are not the 2nd best team in the league. They will likely not finish as the 2nd best team in the league. But the defending champions defended their crown. They’d be #1 if I wasn’t so amazed with what New England did.

3) Pittsburgh Steelers (1-0) – This offense is unstoppable… Imagine when Bell returns… I mean, imagine if Bryant wasn’t an idiot, but still… The defense will be the only thing stopping this team. HUGE game next week in Cincy.

4) Cincinnati Bengals (1-0) – They got the other most impressive road win of the week. The Jets are no joke. They come back on the road in Week 1 and prove that despite losses at the WR position, they should be OK.

5) Arizona Cardinals (0-1) – Yes, they lost. Yes, they lost to a Brady-less Pats. But there’s no shame in losing to Bill Belicheck in Week 1. This roster is still absolutely loaded. I’ll give them another week.

6) Green Bay Packers (1-0) – Did they struggle against the Jags, or did the Jags improve? I’m not sure. Rodgers made some nice plays, and the defense played well. For now, they look good. Rusty, but good.

7) Carolina Panthers (0-1) – Before Cam Newton suffered 23 concussions, the Panthers looked great on both sides. They get an easy test next week against San Francisco, where they’ll likely regain some confidence.

8) Seattle Seahawks (1-0) – A win is a win but… boy that was ugly.

9) New York Jets (0-1) – They lost to a great team, but this roster is solid. Matt Forte was great. They looked better than I expected despite the loss.

10) Oakland Raiders (1-0) – The defense could use some work… Terron Armstead absolutely humbled Khalil Mack. But this offense is scary… Amari Cooper might emerge as a top 3 receiver this season.

11) Minnesota Vikings (1-0) – Hello defense, how are you? Let’s see if the offense can get things going in the coming weeks. If so, watch out. They are the anti-raiders… The defense is absolutely deadly.

12) Kansas City Chiefs (1-0) – Credit to them, but that first half was concerning. They’d did pull off a solid comeback, but it was more of a Chargers collapse.

13) Baltimore Ravens (1-0) – A win is a win, but you’d hope to see more from the offense. Still, if this receiving corps starts to play to it’s potential, this could be a high flying offense later into the season. Lots of speed.

14) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1-0) – Jameis looks like a new player… He was great. But was it a bad Falcons defense? Or a good Jameis? Let’s find out. Still, I was VERY impressed.

15) New York Giants (1-0) – Eh.

16) Dallas Cowboys (0-1) – Ehhhh… See, I just feel like they’re both mediocre, so I’ll have them back to back.

17) New Orleans Saints (0-1) – The offense better stay healthy… Because teams are going to shred this defense all year.

18) Houston Texans (1-0) – I might not be giving them enough credit… But something about their performance was just… I need to see more before I really start believing. This upcoming game against KC will determine how I feel early on.

19) Detroit Lions (1-0) – Same as the Texans. It was a nice win, but I need to see more. But they have my attention

20) Washington Redskins (0-1) – They kept it semi-close until the end… So 20 feels about right.

21) Indianapolis Colts (0-1) – Good news, Andrew Luck and the O-line look good. Bad news? That defense… yuk.

22) Miami Dolphins (0-1) The defense actually looked great against Seattle… But was it just because of Seattle’s awful line?

23) Atlanta Falcons (0-1) – Is Matt Ryan still good? Is there another issue? I’m not sure, but this team continues to disappoint.

24) Philadelphia Eagles (1-0) – Beating the Browns is kind of like when Ohio State beats Tulsa… Yea, we expected it. Let’s see what you got next week.

25) Buffalo Bills (0-1) – If this keeps up, they’ll definitely fall. But chalk it up as a fluke game, the Bills aren’t THAT bad on offense.

26) Jacksonville Jaguars (0-1) – The offensive line is clearly still an issue, Bortles was rushed often. But the defense did a solid job against a great offense. Not bad, there’s hope.

27) Chicago Bears (0-1) – Honestly, they weren’t terrible. Most teams weren’t (besides the Chargers and Browns). They just happened to lose, and I don’t think they have a ton of talent.

28) San Francisco 49ers (1-0) – Carlos Hyde and the o-line are the real deal… The rest of the team? I need to see more, but a great win. 

29) Tennessee Titans (0-1) – They looked alright for the first half, and the defense actually played well. Marcus needs to step it up though.

30) San Diego Chargers (0-1) – What a pathetic excuse for a coaching staff. They lose one player (albeit, a stud), and absolutely collapse. 

31) Cleveland Browns (0-1) – Somehow, the Rams out-Brownsed the Browns.

32) Los Angeles Rams (0-1) – Really? The 49ers? Really? 0 Points? Can Goff possibly be WORSE than that? That was awful… 

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