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What’s that? Do you hear that? Is that… an article by MadMan Sports? We promised you guys we’d get active on the site again right? Well, here it is. More will be coming soon (perhaps even later today?), but for now, I’ll start with an easy one. Here’s my picks against the spread for Week 1, in order of confidence (The higher the game, the more confident I am in the pick). Good luck this week gamblers!

Source of Spreads – (As of 9/8/2016 – 9:30AM Est)
Home teams in CAPS.


Bengals (-2.5) Over JETS – I wouldn’t call this a lock, because there’s no locks in Week 1. But the Bengals are basically just a better version of the Jets. Both have great defenses, but the Bengals have a better O-line, a better RB trio (though Forte is the best back in this game), and a better QB. This one should be good, but give me Cincy. Score Prediction – Bengals 27 Jets 21

Cowboys (pk) Over Giants – A classic Week 1 match up. I think Zeke and Dak shine in their debuts behind that massive o-line, against a Giants defense that will likely need a few weeks to adjust. Cowboys 27 Giants 21

Seahawks (-10.5) Over Dolphins – This won’t be pretty… I think the Dolphins are a solid team, but the Seahawks are just build to beat them. Plus, they’re at home. Seahawks 38 Dolphins 14

Patriots (+6.0) Over Cardinals – Brady or no Brady, I can’t see the Pats losing by more than 4 in this game. You give Bill so much time to prepare, he’ll find a way to keep it close. Cardinals 27 Patriots 24

Ravens (-3.0) Over Bills – Their at home, Joe Flacco has returned, and the offense looks completely rebuilt. I’ll take the Ravens here, they’re simply the better team. Ravens 30 Bills 17

Panthers (-3.0) Over BRONCOS – I can’t take Trevor Siemian to win against this Panthers defense, especially when he’s playing behind a weak O-line. Yes, this game will be relatively close, because the Broncos defense is still loaded. But they’ve lost some pieces. Give me Carolina, with the points. Panthers 23 Broncos 14

Chargers (+7.0) Over Chiefs – No Justin Houston. No Jamaal Charles (probably). A rusty Eric Berry. A fully healthy Chargers unit. This should be a close one. Chiefs 27 Chargers 24

Bears (+6.0) Over Texans – I think the Texans win this game, but that spread is pretty big. The Bears are being severely underrated throughout the league (I admit, I don’t give them enough credit either.) Texans 21 Bears 17

Packers (-5.0) Over Jaguars – Wow, never did I think I’d actually have trouble picking this game. But in the end, as much as I believe in the Jags, the Packers are still a far more complete team. Still, this should be a fun one. Packers 42 Jaguars 34

Steelers (-3.0) Over Redskins – The Redskins actually look like they’ll be a solid team… They actually have some CBs that are capable of slowing Brown down. Yes, I said CBs… Plural… Because Breeland is also phenomenal. Still, it’s tough to pick against this Steelers team. Steelers 35 Redskins 31

FALCONS (-3.0) Over Buccaneers – The Falcons are usually easy money at home early in the season. This Bucs team has some solid defensive talent, but I don’t see how they stop Julio Jones and this Falcons offense. Falcons 31 Bucs 24

Raiders (+1.0) Over Saints – Both teams have impressive offenses, but the Raiders have a few more play makers on defense, as well as a better O-line. Derek Carr and Amari Cooper will likely shine in the opener, in a high scoring affair. Raiders 38 Saints 35

Lions (+3.5) Over Colts – Wow, that 3.5 makes this tough… I’d likely take the Colts if it was 2.5… I have no idea what to think of this game. Will Stafford play well without Calvin? Will Luck return to form? Which Lions team shows up? Which Colts team? This game could go in any direction. Colts 30 Lions 27

49ers (+2.5) Over Rams – The Niners always seem to play well Week 1, I can see that continuing here, especially against a Case Keenum lead team. 49ers 20 Rams 13

Browns (+4.0) Over EAGLES – The Browns have a lot of new, young faces on this roster. I can see them starting off hot before eventually fizzling out. Against a pretty weak Eagles team that just made a sudden QB change? I can see them winning, let alone keeping it within 3. Browns 28 Eagles 23

Titans (+2.5) Over VIKINGS – I’m feeling the upset here, so if you’re feeling extra gutsy, take the money line. Whether it’s Shaun Hill or a newly added in Sam Bradford, I don’t trust the Vikings, despite them being at home. The Titans always have some tricks up their sleeves Week 1, I can see Marcus Mariota having a solid game here. Titans 24 Vikings 20

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