By Brian Sullivan

Nothing, they’re screwed, thanks for reading.


Nah I’m just kidding, but the Browns do have a lot of work to do. New HC Hue Jackson worked wonders with the Raiders in his short stint there, taking an awful roster to an 8-8 record. The Browns do have a solid O-line, some interesting defensive pieces, and a solid coach. They also have the 2nd overall pick in a draft with 2 very intriguing QB prospects. So without further adieu, let’s find out how the Browns can become respectable.

Main Players to Cut

Numbers indicate Cap Savings)

WR Dwayne Bowe ($3.4 Million)

WR Brian Hartline ($3 Million) – I like him actually, but that’s way too much for an average receiver…

QB Josh McCown ($2.7 Million)

C Alex Mack ($8 Million) – Ok, technically this should be a trade, not a cut. So many rumors swirling have made it clear he doesn’t want to be there, and plenty of teams will give up some solid assets for a good center.

DE Paul Kruger ($5.3 Million) – Like Hartline, a fine player, but over 5 million for him? Nope.

TE Jim Bray ($1.775 Million)

Total Cap Space Created – $24.175 Million

Players to Re-sign


An exclusive list of players that MUST be resigned, regardless of price.

None – Again and again I’ll say how exclusive this list is. Essentially, this list is reserved for Franchise QBs and All-Pro players. There’s maybe 5 total FAs that are on this list.

High Priority Free Agents

The list of Free Agents the Browns should really focus on bringing back.

RT Mitchell Schwartz – One of the better tackles in the league. Nowadays offensive linemen are tough to find, help your new coach by bringing back a great talent.

WR Travis Benjamin – Especially after cutting the other scrub WRs, it’ll be nice to have Benjamin come back. He did some great things last year with some laughable QBs. Hugh should be able to work wonders with him.

For the Right Price

S Tashaun Gipson – Gipson wasn’t great last year, but he’s been solid for the most part throughout his career. Unless another team is throwing a lot of money at him, he’s worth bringing back.

Free Agency

Like every team, the Browns should be looking for depth pieces. I’ll focus more on the big spending they should perform. For them it’s simple…

Get a Big Time Playmaker

Whether it’s a sack master or an electric offensive weapon, the Browns need somebody that can change the dynamic of a game in one single play. Here’s some of the defensive players they could target; WR Alshon Jeffery, HB Matt Forte… Wow the offensive options aren’t very good. Here’s some of the defensive players they could target; DE Olivier Vernon, DE William Hayes, CB Adam Jones, CB Janoris Jenkins.

Before you throw a hissy fit – “Where’s Eric Berry? Where’s Lamar Miller?”. I’m not looking for players at a specific position. I’m looking at guys that MAKE PLAYS. These are some of the guys that do that.

The NFL Draft

Draft Needs (QB, QB, QB, QB, QB, QB, Did I Mention QB?, WR, CB, LB, C, WR, WR, WR, WR, WR)

Ok, so the Browns have some other needs, but they desperately need some WRs and QBs. For every other team so far, I’ve given a top 10 big board for their 1st round pick. For the Browns, there is one. Jared Goff. He’s the only player they should take at #2. I like Carson Wentz a lot, but he will collapse in Cleveland. He won’t be able to handle that transition that quickly. He needs time to develop. Cleveland doesn’t have the Luxury to wait for that. Goff can IMMEDIATELY make them interesting. I’m not saying he’ll lead them to an 11-5 playoff berth, but I am saying that he is the most NFL ready prospect there is. Take Goff Cleveland. Then just take the best player available. The Browns just need players…

Final Comments

The Browns really are a mess of an organization, it’s really a shame, the people of Cleveland deserve better. HOPEFULLY, Hugh Jackson changes all of that. HOPEFULLY, some of their young players like Cameron Erving and Danny Shelton take their games to the next level this upcoming season. HOPEFULLY, Josh Gordon gets his head out of his ass and Jared Goff has some targets to throw to next season. We can hope right? I’m with you Cleveland, and I’ll be rooting for you.

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