Well, I went 1-3 last week, stupid weather ruined the Seahawks for me and stupid Big Ben getting hurt made me miss the Bengals game by half a point. I guess that’s the game, so let’s try to pick it up here.

Brian (89-88-1) (1-3 Playoffs)

Patriots (-5.0) Over Chiefs – Ok, to start, I hate this spread. 5 points? Really Vegas? Nonetheless, they’re baiting us to take the Chiefs. 11 straight wins, dominating in the last round, they’ll keep it within 5 right? Welp, assuming Gronk plays, the Patriots will put an end to all of that. They’re the villains that we hate to admit are just too good guys… (***IF GRONKOWSKI DOESN’T PLAY, I AM TAKING THE CHIEFS +5.0).

Packers (+7.0) Over Cardinals – Very interesting. On one hand, the Cardinals just dominated the Packers back in Week 16. On another hand, it’s Aaron Rodgers in the Playoffs… AND Carson Palmer in the Playoffs, a guy with very little playoff experience. So I’ll take A-Rod to cover here.

Seahawks (+2.5) Over Panthers – THE GAME OF THE WEEK… And possibly the game of the entire Playoffs. I’m taking Russell here. The key will be the suddenly slumping Panthers defense here. Josh Norman is still doing his thing, but this secondary as a whole has slowed down. Doug Baldwin AND Tyler Lockett… Pick your poison Panthers. Wilson shocks the world and tosses 4 TDs as he out duels Cam.

Steelers (+7.0) Over Broncos – This is tough because we have no idea who’s playing. I’m assuming that Ben will tough it out, seeing as he’s one of the baddest dudes on the planet. If he plays, I can see him finding a way to keep it close. Plus, Manning in a cold weather playoff game against a pretty good front 7? I can see a few turnovers… Broncos win, but it will be close.

Photo Credit: http://blogmaster1.sportsblog.com/posts/2609326/who-would-you-trade-for-aaron-rodgers-.html


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