Here’s the daily spread picks.

Brian (217-212-7)

Pacers (-10.0) Over Suns – The Suns can’t get anything going right now… Meanwhile, Paul George is a beast.

Celtics (-1.5) Over Knicks – This one is really tough… Worth watching. When a spread is this small, I tend to just go with the better team.

Spurs (-7.0) Over Pistons – *Insert thing about Spurs being good*

Grizzlies (-1.5) Over Rockets – Two teams that have picked it up, so I’ll just take the home team.

Bulls (-3.0) Over Bucks – The Bulls just have their number right now.

Thunder (-11.5) Over Timberwolves – The Wolves look lost right now.

Mavericks (+6.0) Over Cavaliers – I have to pick an underdog right? I’ll take a solid Mavs team with 6 points at home, even if it’s against the Cavs.

Lakers (+2.5) Over Pelicans – WHAT? IS HE REALLY TAKING THE LAKERS? Yes, I am.

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