Here’s the daily spread picks.

Brian (210-206-7) – Staying above .500, missed yesterday due to some other things, but we’re back. Here we go.

Raptors (-2.0) Over Wizards – The Wizards continue to lose games. They truly are on pace for “Disappointment of the Year”.

Nets (+5.0) Over Magic – I just have a weird gut feeling the Nets will win this game… Not sure why.

Pacers (-2.0) Over Pelicans – Paul George. That’s all I’ll say anytime I pick the Pacers.

Cavaliers (-10.5) Over Timberwolves – The Wolves are starting to show their youth as we head towards the All-Star Break.

Mavericks (+1.0) Over Bucks – I don’t get it? Did I miss something? Are the Mavs like terrible now?

Nuggets (+5.0) Over Grizzlies – The Griz should win, but I feel like it’ll be a real close game.

Spurs (-14.0) Over Knicks – Yea…

Heat (-5.0) Over Suns – What a hot match-up? Am I right? Ok I’m leaving.

Warriors (-10.0) Over Trail Blazers – Assuming Curry can play of course.

Thunder (-14.5) Over Lakers – KD back? KD back. Thunder win big.

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