For the fans of the 20 teams that didn’t make the playoffs, this one’s for you. Let’s try to at least make some money off these games.

Regular Season Record (88-85-1)

Chiefs (-3.5) Over Texans – Apologies Texan’s fans, but the Chiefs outmatch them in every phase of the game. The defense will be too much for Brian Hoyer and company, especially with such a weak offensive line. Unless the Texans can run the ball effectively, they don’t stand much of a chance in this one.

Steelers (-2.5) Over Bengals – This one would be tough if Dalton was able to play, but McCarron just isn’t good enough to tackle this Steelers team. The Steelers defensive line has been great, and they’ll be able to contain the run and pressure McCarron. Tyler Eifert WILL make an impact, but I doubt it will be enough.

Seahawks (-6.0) Over Vikings – The Seahawks are just in another stratosphere right now. Are the Rams in the Playoffs? No? Then the Seahawks have nobody to fear. Seriously though, how to the Rams keep beating them?

Redskins (-1.0) Over Packers – Consider this my “upset”. Despite the Redskins being favored, not many people are picking them. Most people will still take the veteran Rodgers over Cousins any day of the week, which is fair. But this Redskins team is just so balanced. Meanwhile, the Packers are in complete disarray right now.

Brian Sullivan: @TheMadManSports

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