After a long New Years break, we’re finally getting back into the grind. Here’s some picks.

Brian (195-199-6) – After going .500, I went 0-4-1… So I went into hiding. Here we go.

Sixers (+4.0) Over Timberwolves – Call me crazy, but the Sixers have performed well since the acquisition of Ish Smith. I think they make this close, maybe even win.

Cavaliers (-7.0) Over Raptors – The Cavs are at home, and the Raptors are coming off of a back to back. Feels like a big win.

Pacers (+2.0) Over Heat – The Heat have been slightly cold lately… But so have the Pacers… Still, I’ll take Indy.

Pistons (-4.0) Over Magic – I’m going with Drummond and the Pistons. Every time I start to doubt the Pistons, they go on a run.

Nets (+5.5) Over Celtics – The Nets are weirdly good at playing against Boston…

Spurs (-10.0) Over Bucks – The Spurs are just too good…

Thunder (-10.5) Over Kings – I feel so certain that the Kings will cover… So I’ll go with the Thunder. I’m usually wrong about those.

Rockets (-1.0) Over Jazz – With no Derrick Favors likely, it’s tough to pick the Jazz here.

**There are no spreads for the other two games: Will update accordingly.**

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