Mo (35-21)- Happy New Years!

Toronto Raptors (21-14) vs Cleveland Cavaliers (22-9)

In the last matchup between these teams, the Raptors are able to get the W pretty handily, although the Cavs were without Iman Shumpert, Irving, Mozgov, and Dellavedova in that game. Tonight however all of these players are active since that last match-up and the major concern for the Cavs this time is whether if Lebron James is going to be at full strength tonight because he has been battling an illness for the last few days. If Lebron James does play well tonight I expect the Cavs to get the W tonight, however if he doesn’t play well or doesn’t play at all I have to lean towards the Raptors getting the W tonight.

Cavs W 105-96 W LJ Healthy Raptors W 103-101 W/O LJ Healthy

Indiana Pacers (19-14) vs Miami Heat (20-13)

This is definitely the matchup to watch tonight. The Pacers put together a great defensive display in their last game and broke the losing streak they were on, while the Heat have been a great defensive team all season. The biggest problem for both of these teams is the inconsistency on the offensive side of the game. The Pacers are too reliant on Paul George, who isn’t a bad guy to dependent on because he is having an mvp type of season but other guys need to step up more. While the Heat have trouble ball movement, a lot of their plays start and end with maybe one or two guys touching the ball.

Heat W 98-97   

Orlando Magic (19-15) vs Detroit Pistons (18-16)

Both of these teams have improved greatly this season. The Magic are going to this game on a two game losing streak and although they played against two good teams, they didn’t put up much of a fight. While the Pistons have been trading Wins and losses though they did make some win streaks earlier in the season, but help seems like it’s on its way with Brandon Jennings returning very soon.

Magic W 97-90

Charlotte Hornets (17-16) vs Golden State Warriors (31-2)

The Hornets started the season very strong, but now are in a slump. Which is a terrible time to be in a slump since they are facing the best team in the NBA tonight. Stephen Curry is questionable for tonight’s game and he hasn’t played in the last two games. Curry usually shines in Charlotte since it is his hometown, but with being said it is the Warriors so I expect them to beat the Hornets very easily even without Curry.

Warriors W 101-88

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