After a few days off for a little Christmas break, we’re back with some picks.

Brian (186-193-5)– 2-3 on Christmas, wasn’t feeling very jolly after that one, let’s bounce back here.

Magic (-4.5) Over Pelicans – The Magic are at home, against a weak opponent, and they’re coming off a loss so they’re due for a win.

Pacers (-2.0) Over Hawks – This one is tough… Does Paul George go off or do the Hawks play good team basketball? I have no idea honestly.

Lakers (+13.0) Over Hornets – Every time I pick them to cover, they get blown out. Every time I pick them to get blown out, they cover. Screw you Lakers…

Clippers (+1.5) Over Wizards – No Blake Griffin hurts the Clippers a lot… BUT, I’ll still take them over the Wizards.

Nets (+8.5) Over Heat – They usually play each other pretty tough, and the Heat are more of a defensive team anyway. I can see them winning 88-83 or something like that.

Bulls (-1.5) Over Raptors – The Bulls at home are pretty easy money nowadays.

Spurs (-14.5) Over Timberwolves – I feel like the Wolves are good enough to keep it close… Which is why they won’t.

Bucks (+6.5) Over Mavericks – The Mavs are without Deron Williams… Which might hurt their chances slightly. The Bucks have to get somewhat decent eventually right?

Sixers (+10.5) Over Jazz – Maybe I’m just drinking the Kool-aid, but last year the Sixers had a weird run right around New Years, maybe they do it again. Or at least cover the spread.

Suns (+8.5) Over Cavaliers – Two cold teams right now… The Cavs win, but the Suns likely play hard, they’re pissed about that loss to Philly.

Warriors (-13.5) Over Kings – It’s the Warriors at home, why do we even bother?

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