Here’s the daily picks.

Brian (177-184-5) – 1-2-1 last night, last few games before Christmas Day.

Cavaliers (-11.5) Over Knicks – It’s in Cleveland, Kyrie is back… Yea.

Hornets (-2.5) Over Celtics – Charlotte at home feels pretty safe.

Magic (+1.0) Over Rockets – In Orlando, I’ll take the Magic over the super inconsistent Rockets.

Wizards (+1.0) Over Grizzlies – Two of the most disappointing teams in the league… Guess I’ll take the home team.

Pacers (-7.0) Over Kings – The Kings on the road aren’t quite as consistent as they are at home.

Mavericks (-3.5) Over Nets – A tough loss to the Raptors should be followed up with a win over the Nets.

Spurs (-11.5) Over Timberwolves – The Spurs keep dominating.

Pelicans (-8.0) Over Trail Blazers – At first I was shocked by this spread… Then I realized that Lillard and McCollum are both out.

Bucks (-10.5) Over Sixers – The Sixers suck…

Pistons (+5.0) Over Hawks – I would take the Pistons if they were favored, let alone if they were the underdog.

Suns (-8.5) Over Nuggets – The Nuggets lost to the Lakers… Can’t pick them again.

Warriors (-14.0) Over Jazz – The Warriors at home… Easy.

Thunder (-11.0) Over Lakers – Didn’t the Thunder just romp the Lakers like 4 days ago?

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