Here’s the daily spread picks.

Brian (176-182-4) – 4-4 last night (didn’t bother with the Bulls Nets game, forgot it honestly), still slowly trying to get above .500.

Sixers (+10.0) Over Grizzlies – The Grizzlies are actually a decent match-up for the Sixers, mostly because they can’t shoot the 3. Sixers cover.

Mavericks (+4.0) Over Raptors – I hate this game because no outcome would surprise me. Mavericks win by 30? Not surprised. Raptors win by 30? Not surprised? Either team wins by 2? Not surprised. So I guess I’ll take the team with 4 points.

Pistons (+4.0) Over Heat – The Pistons have been playing very well all season, truly one of the best sleeper teams. They should at least cover against the Heat.

Nuggets (-5.5) Over Lakers – If it isn’t a double digit spread, I find it hard to pick the Lakers…

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