Mo (25-18)

Memphis Grizzlies (15-14) vs Philadelphia 76ers (1-28)

This is the best chance for the 76ers to get another win before this year ends against a very inconsistent Grizzlies team. The last time these teams played the 76ers had a four point lead with six minutes left in the fourth quarter, only to lose by 12 points at the end. Best of Luck to the 76ers.

Grizzlies W 93-90

Detroit Pistons (16-12) vs Miami Heat (16-10)

The Detroit Pistons just played four-overtime game against the Chicago Bulls on Friday, in which they won 147-144 and luckily for them they got a nice break since then. In that game Andre Drummond had 33 points (career high) and 21 rebounds and Reggie Jackson had 31 points and 13 assists, while their shooting guard Caldwell-Pope had a career high 31 points and to put the icing on the cake Brandon Jennings is finally returning from his injury and is expected to play against the Heat. The Miami Heat have been playing great defense this season, but everytime I chose them to win a game this year they have lost every time and some of those games were very bad losses.

Pistons W 95-92

Dallas Mavericks (15-12) vs Toronto Raptors (17-12)

The Toronto Raptors have been dealing with injuries in their starting lineup just like the Mavs and both teams have fared pretty well thus far. The biggest problem for the Raptors is the first half of the game, in which they struggle to put points on the board and leaves them playing catch up the rest of the game.

Raptors W 98-94

Los Angeles Lakers (4-23) vs Denver Nuggets (11-16)

Kobe Bryant is expected to return tonight against the Nuggets after sitting out on Saturday, in which the Lakers got blown out by the OKC losing 118-78. Of course, I’m saying that if Kobe played it would be any different, but what I’m tired of hearing is people saying that Kobe is stunning the growth of the young players like D’Angelo Russell and Julius Randle. Just watch a Lakers game, those guys seem to disappear a lot in games.

Nuggets W 97-94

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