Bowl Season started off with a bang, we’re already 5 games in. I realized I might as well try to improve my record and make bowl season more interesting for everyone by making some spread picks. Apologies for missing the first day of games, but here’s 35 picks to make up for it.

Brian (48-54) – I picked every single conference game correctly… But went 2-6 when it came to the spreads. Very bittersweet…

South Florida (+3.0) Over Western Kentucky – Brandon Doughty and the Hilltoppers are awesome… But USF is just on fire right now. Tough to pick against them.

Akron (+6.5) Over Utah State – Utah State is very inconsistent… Akron has a pretty solid defense. I think they keep it close.

Toledo (+2.5) Over Temple – Temple is the better team, but Toledo’s only REAL glaring hole is their pass defense. Temple’s only real hole is their passing offense… See why I’m picking Toledo? Make sure you listen to us broadcast this one on Rabble.TV!

Boise State (-8.0) Over Northern Illinois – Boise State is similar to the Bowling Green team that dominated UNI. So I sense another victory.

Bowling Green (-7.5) Over Georgia Southern – So hard to pick against Matt Johnson and one of the most explosive offenses in all of College Football.

Western Michigan (-4.5) Over Middle Tennessee – Western Michigan is actually incredibly balanced… Against a team like Middle Tennessee… That should work.

San Diego State (-1.5) Over Cincinnati – San Diego State is on fire. They are so good defensively too. They handle Cincy here.

Marshall (-4.5) Over Connecticut – UCONN played well near the end of the season, but their offense is just so bad… Tough to pick them when a 10 point deficit feels insurmountable for them.

Washington State (-2.5) Over Miami FL – Two awful defenses. Two great passing attacks. But Washington State is just better at it, so I’ll take them.

Southern Mississippi (+8.5) Over Washington – My money line pick of the week. I’m taking Southern Miss and their balanced offense over Washington and their inconsistencies.

Duke (+2.5) Over Indiana–  Indiana couldn’t stop my High School’s JV football team…

Virginia Tech (-14.0 ) Over Tulsa – Sorry Tulsa, you aren’t beating the Hokies in Frank Beamer’s last game ever…

UCLA (-6.5) Over Nebraska – Nebraska is awful defensively. Josh Rosen is great… Do the math.

Pittsburgh (+3.0) Over Navy – Pitt is a little fresher and is more balanced on both sides of the ball.

Central Michigan (+6.0) Over Minnesota – Mitch Leidner shows flashes of brilliance at times, but he often looks lost. I don’t trust him here.

Air Force (+7.0) Over California – Air Force has one of the best pass rushes in the nation… I expect Jared Goff to be hit often here.

UNC (-1.0) Over Baylor – UNC is healthier than Baylor… Simple as that. Still, Art Briles is so good that they could find a way. We’ll be broadcasting this one on Rabble.TV also.

Nevada (+3.0) Over Colorado State – Nevada can pound the rock, C-State can’t stop the run. Another mismatch for the underdog.

LSU (-7.0) Over Texas Tech – Patt Mahomes is fantastic… But… Texas Tech is 126th at stopping the run… Against Leonard Fournette… I smell sadness.

Memphis (+2.5) Over Auburn – The SEC bias is unreal here… Memphis is better at almost everything…

NC State (+5.5) Over Mississippi State– I just have a weirdly bad feeling about Mississippi State… That’s all I have. I like how NC State played against some tougher competition.

Texas A&M (+5.0) Over Louisville – Things aren’t looking great right now for the Aggies, but their pass rush is still pretty solid with Myles Garrett. I don’t believe in Louisville.

Wisconsin (+3.0) Over USC – Wisconsin reminds me of that Washington team that beat USC… Only a lot better.

Florida State (-7.0) Over Houston – Houston impressed me a lot this year, but Florida State is just so loaded with talent.

Clemson (+3.5) Over Oklahoma – Oklahoma is great… They really are. But their being slightly overrated. Yes, they beat Baylor, Oklahoma State, and TCU. But they played two of those teams with back-up quarterbacks. And TCU is horribly injured. They earned their spot in the playoff, but there’s no denying that they were fortunate in their match-ups. Clemson is undefeated for a reason.

Alabama (-9.5) Over Michigan State – Bama is just so good.

Northwestern (+8.0) Over Tennessee – Northwestern is too good defensively for this to not be a somewhat close game, despite Tennessee’s talent.

Michigan (-4.5) Over Florida – Michigan is basically Florida, except they have an offense…

Ohio State (-6.5) Over Notre Dame – Ohio State looks angry… They look like they finally realized that they’re good… Notre Dame is fantastic, but this is an Ohio State team that I’d take over any team in the nation right now.

Iowa (+6.5) Over Stanford – Stanford wins the game, but Iowa covers the spread. Iowa is being blatantly disrespected here.

Ole Miss (-7.0) Over Oklahoma State – Mason Rudolph should be back, but this Oklahoma State defense is still not great.

Georgia (-6.5) Over Penn State – Hackenburg… More like Crapenburg, am I right?

Arkansas (-13.0) Over Kansas State – Arkansas found their stride, albeit a little too late. They should win this in a landslide

Oregon (-1.0) Over TCU – I’ll take the hotter team here, but these two are incredibly similar.

West Virginia (-1.0) Over Arizona State – The Sports Gods are not good to me… I expected Arizona State to be a top 10 team… So now, I’ll look extra stupid by having them lose by 30 here. Not logic, just sadness.

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