Mo (22-14)- Took a little break, but I’m back at it now. 

Milwaukee Bucks (10-18) vs Phoenix Suns (12-16)

The Bucks have been underperforming compared to last year. They did beat the Golden State Warriors, though the Warriors were without Klay Thompson and coming off a game the night before. I don’t think the Bucks can handle the quick guards on the Suns at Phoenix, especially since the Suns are 8-6 at home this season.

Suns W 105-96

Atlanta Hawks (16-12) vs Orlando Magic (15-11)

This is a really hard game to pick. Both Teams are both are on winning streaks and they both are really good teams. The Hawks have started to look like the Hawks team we saw last year, while the Magic have bounced back from their bad loss to the Cavs a few weeks ago and now have beaten some good teams like the Hornets. I expect to this game to been very competitive and expect the Magic to get the W at home.

Magic W 107-105

Philadelphia 76ers (1-27) vs Cleveland Cavaliers (17-7)

The Cleveland Cavaliers are 11-1 at home this season and are playing the worst team in the NBA tonight. The Cavaliers have been looking really good in the last few games as they are on a four game winning streak. They are also getting Kyrie Irving back tonight, who has been out all season.

Cavaliers W 120-88

Sacramento Kings (10-16) vs Toronto Raptors (17-11)

The Toronto Raptors have been playing well this season, while the Kings have looked pretty mediocre. Locker-room issues with their head coach and trade rumors about their star center hasn’t helped at all. This Kings team should be a lot better than what they have accomplished so far; if we look at their roster and compare it to the rest of the league and don’t look at records, everyone would argue that this team has a lot of good pieces and would be among the better teams in the league. With that being said, the Kings have looked bad all season and I expect the Raptors to get the W. Sidenote: Rajon Rondo has been playing very well lately and starting to look like the Rondo we saw in his Boston days.    

Raptors W 97-90

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