We’re back with some more NFL Spread picks, here they are.

Brian (74-68-2) – Sitting above .500, let’s keep it going for a few more weeks.
Remember, I do these in order of confidence.

Seahawks (-14.5) Over Browns – Just read the caption below.

Patriots (-14.0) Over Titans – Never have I been so confident about such a big spread…

Jets (-3.0) Over Cowboys – It’s an incredibly tight race for those last 2 wild card spots in the AFC. The Jets won’t lose to Matt Cassel…

Cardinals (-3.5) Over Eagles –  The Cardinals have just owned the Eagles lately… I can see that trend continuing here.

Dolphins (+1.5) Over Chargers – I will never pick the Chargers.

Rams (-1.0) Over Buccaneers – It appears that the Rams are ready to be “good Rams” again for a few weeks, just in time to screw themselves out of a good draft pick.

Steelers (-6.0) Over Broncos – This feels like the game where the Steelers make a huge statement to all of the other teams in the AFC.

Chiefs (-7.5) Over Ravens – I can see the Ravens being weird and keeping this one close until the end, just to annoy betters. But the Chiefs are a much better team right now.

Panthers (-5.0) Over Giants – The Giants are just… I hate them, the way they’re really good some weeks but awful the next. The Panthers will win, but will the Giants become the “Playoff Giants”?

Bengals (-4.5) Over 49ers – Not sure how confident I am in AJ McCarron… BUT, the Bengals are still loaded and the 49ers are… awful.

Bears (+5.5) Over Vikings – I see this being a very tight game… I think the Vikings win, but the Bears can keep it very close.

Saints (-3.0) Over Lions – Drew Brees, at home, on Monday Night, in a likely meaningless game? Feels pretty easy to me.

Packers (-3.0) Over Raiders – A very tough game… But the Packers need this more, and Rodgers seems to be clicking with his receivers (somewhat) again.

Jaguars (-3.0) Over Falcons – On one hand, the Falcons are due for a win, right? On the other hand, RAISE YOUR BORTLES!!!!!

Redskins (pk) Over Bills – Two very similar teams, I’ll take the home team with the better quarterback.

Colts (pk) Over Texans – Why…?

Photo Credit: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2158040-arizona-cardinals-passing-attack-appears-lethal-following-john-browns-explosive


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