We are back with some more NFL Power Rankings. We provide multiple different opinions as the season comes down to the wire. Check em out.

Check out last week’s rankings right here.


The Elite Contenders

1. Carolina Panthers (13-0) – With games against the Giants, Falcons, and Buccaneers left on their schedule, 16-0 is pretty likely.

2. Arizona Cardinals (11-2) – They’re just so balanced… It’s as simple as that.

3. Pittsburgh Steelers (8-5) – Hard to imagine that this team wouldn’t be in control of the AFC North if Ben hadn’t gone down, they look unstoppable right now.

4. Seattle Seahawks (8-5) – Russell Wilson is saying hi to his haters right now, he’s been on an absolute tear.

5. New England Patriots (11-2) – Yea, call me crazy, but I do these based on how teams are performing RIGHT NOW. And these Patriots are still great, I just think the four teams ahead them are better currently.

The Underdog Contenders

6. Green Bay Packers (9-4) – Two straight wins now, but the Packers still don’t look quite right.

7. Kansas City Chiefs (8-5) – Seven… Seven straight wins for the Chiefs. That is all.

8. Denver Broncos (10-3) – A good defense can only take you so far… Brock is still going to have some stinkers.

9. New York Jets (8-5) – This team is the epitome of “very good”. They won’t go into New England in January and win a playoff game, but they’ll annihilate the AFC South winner in the Wild Card round.

10. Cincinnati Bengals (10-3) – Losing Andy Dalton hurts a lot… Like it or not, but they’re still a loaded team, they should be alright.

11. Minnesota Vikings (8-5) – A slightly worse version of the Jets… They’ll beat down the Bucs, but they won’t go into Pittsburgh and win.

The “Not Quite There” Teams

12. Philadelphia Eagles (6-7) – Can they do the unthinkable and beat Arizona? I’m not sure…

13. Washington Redskins (6-7) – They just play solid football… They’re like the little brother to the Jets and Vikings… Good, but not great.

14. New York Giants (6-7) – The only 6-7 team that I’m TERRIFIED of if I’m a top seed. If they get into the playoffs, watch out, because suddenly Eli will go beast mode, Rueben Randle will catch everything in site, and JPP will suddenly be the best pass rusher we’ve seen since Reggie White.

15. Oakland Raiders (6-7) – The youth is showing, but this team has a lot to look forward to in the future on both sides of the ball.

The Mediocre Teams

16. Chicago Bears (5-8) -Sometimes, Jay Cutler has direct TV and plays well. Other weeks, he’s trying to get reception with a burnt cigarette and some used tin foil.

17. Buffalo Bills (6-7) – Tyrod Taylor just isn’t dependable, maybe they should be higher than the Bears, but the Bears still scare me more on offense.

18. Jacksonville Jaguars (5-8) – They MIGHT make the playoffs… I don’t care about the scenario, Jaguars fans must be SO excited right now, this is the first time they’ve had anything to cheer about since the David Garrard days.

19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6-7) – Jameis Winston looks like somebody who could lead the Bucs to some playoff runs within a few years.

20. Indianapolis Colts (6-7) – Just a lack of talent and consistent quarterback play has hurt this team. If Luck can come back, they could be dangerous.

21. Detroit Lions (4-9) – One of the better 4-9 teams I’ve ever seen, they could find a way to win some games to end the season.

22. St. Louis Rams (5-8) – Too little too late, the team actually showed some signs of life this week.

23. Houston Texans (6-7) – GET THIS TEAM A QUARTERBACK…


The “Laughable” Tier

25. Atlanta Falcons (6-7) – Haven’t seen a team collapse this badly since the 2008 Broncos…

26. Dallas Cowboys (4-9) – It’s weird that they could somehow still make the playoffs…

27. Miami Dolphins (5-8) – Get this team a new coaching staff, draft well, and add a few durable veterans, and they could turn things around very quickly next year.

28. Baltimore Ravens (4-9) – Ever see those “worst case scenario” articles about football teams? That’s basically what happened to the Ravens this year.

29. San Francisco 49ers (4-9) – This team is weirdly sometimes good, but usually really bad.

30. Tennessee Titans (3-10) – The Titans found their QB. Just find a coach, and everything else will work out.

The Browns…

31. Cleveland Browns (3-10)– They won? Wow.

The “Somehow Worse Than The Browns, Dear Lord, This Team is So Bad…” Tier

32. San Diego Chargers (3-10) – Nothing like an owner flipping off his loyal fan-base while he does whatever he can to sell the team away to a market that doesn’t even want them. Dean Spanos is a worthless piece of human garbage.

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