Took our usual Sunday off, Lane won’t be around for a few weeks, he’ll be missed. Here we go.

Brian (150-155-3) – I was on fire… Then Saturday happened. At least I got the Warriors game right, that was kinda cool…

Raptors (+5.5) Over Pacers – I love this Pacers team right now, but I don’t trust their guards to handle Derozan and Lowry. Though Paul George should take advantage of no Demare Carroll.

Pistons (+1.5) Over Clippers – The Pistons appear to be back on a hot streak, winning 6 of their last 8. The Clippers still look… somewhat off. Pistons cover here, or win straight up.

Magic (-2.5) Over Nets – The Nets are better at home, but the Magic have too much depth for them.

Sixers (+13.0) Over Bulls – The Sixers just always play Chicago tough… But if the Bulls start dropping threes left and right, the Sixers will be in deep trouble.

Heat (+6.5) Over Hawks – Unless there’s a significant injury I’m missing? Why is this spread so big?

Grizzlies (-4.0) Over Wizards – The Wizards might have found some life with a victory of Dallas on Saturday, but I don’t trust them just yet.

Suns (+4.5) Over Mavericks – However, I am a little more skeptical about the Mavericks now.

Jazz (+12.5) Over Spurs – The Spurs are so good, especially at home. But the Jazz are tough enough on both sides of the ball to keep this one close.

Nuggets (+4.5) Over Rockets – The Rockets appear to be back, but the Nuggets have DOMINATED them so far this year.

Pelicans (+3.0) Over Trail Blazers – Two bad teams, but the Pelicans are still talented enough to turn it around. The Blazers just lack that. Pelicans get a much needed win here.

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