Mo (17-7)– Took a break from picks yesterday, back at it now. 

Toronto Raptors (16-9) vs Indiana Pacers (13-9)

The Pacers have lost 4 out of their last five games after coming off a stretch 12-2. They have had some tough losses recently losing games in single digit deficits and they have very competitive in those games. The Raptors are on a four game winning streak even without their center Jonas Valunciunas who is going to be out for at least four more weeks. The Pacers need to tighten up their defense if they want to have a chance to win tonight because they have allowed opponents average 115.4 points in the last five games and we also need the other players on the Pacer besides Paul George to step up because Paul George is doing career numbers across the boards while still being very efficient. Expect to see the Pacers bounce back in a close contest.

Pacers W 109-105

Miami Heat (13-9) vs Atlanta Hawks (14-11)

Both these teams struggle on the offensive side of the game. For the Heat, they don’t click on the offensive side because they don’t good ball movement and rely heavily on their defense to win games which as worked out well for them, since they are a very good defensive. For the Hawks, they still looking for an offensive leader who can carry the load on a nightly bases. I expect the Hawks to get the W.

Hawks W 94-85

Los Angeles Clippers (14-10) vs Detroit Pistons (14-11)

The Detroit Pistons have been a pleasant surprise this season. The play of Andre Drummond has very impressive, who is averaging 17.6 points and 16.4 rebounds a game. The guard play of Pistons has looked pretty good too, but with return of Chris Paul and JJ Reddick for the Clippers I expect the Clippers to get the W.

Clippers W 102-97

Phoenix Suns (11-14) vs Dallas Mavericks (13-11)

The Dallas Mavericks are on a two game losing streak and are trying to salvage this three game home stand. This Dallas team has been the teams you would expect them to beat, but against teams who are above average they have really struggled. On top of this, Dallas has looked very mediocre at home. The question are the Mavericks able to keep with the fast guards on the Suns. I expect the Suns to get the W.

Suns W 98-91  

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