Mo (15-5)

Boston Celtics (13-10) vs Charlotte Hornets (14-8)

The Boston Celtics are coming off a tough loss to the Golden State Warriors in double overtime, Granted Klay Thompson didn’t play last night. It was good see this Celtics the fight they did against Warriors and looked really good down the stretch. The Celtics are very well coached team and have a lot of talent on their team, but I don’t they can get against the Hornets who have been more consistent and frankly a better team than the Celtics.

Hornets W 98-93

San Antonio Spurs (19-5) vs Atlanta Hawks (14-10)

The Spurs have been the benchmark for consistency in the league for years now. After having a slow Marcus Aldridge has started to look like himself again, averaging 19.6 points and shooting 55.4% from the field in the last five games. Mike Budenholzer the reigning coach of the year has yet to get his first victory against Gregg Popovich and I don’t expect him to get it tonight either.

Spurs W 96-85

Indiana Pacers (13-8) vs Detroit Pistons (13-11)

The play of Paul George has lead this Pacers team to so many wins this season. However, the offensive burst by Monta Ellis in last game against the Miami Heat in which he scored 24 points, six assists, and six steals really impacted the game against a very good defensive Miami Heat team. Ellis was only averaging only six points in the last three games and shooting 30.7% from the field. I expect the Pacers to get the W against an average team like Detroit Pistons. Though, it’s worth mentioning the excellence play from Andre Drummond.

Pacers W 107-101

New Orleans Pelicans (6-16) vs Chicago Bulls (12-8)

Both these teams have had a lot of tough losses throughout the season, especially the Pelicans. The Pelicans have beaten some really great teams this season, but have also been destroyed by some average team even with the excellent play from Anthony Davis. As for the Bulls, it seems they can’t closed out in the fourth quarter at all, but that being said I think the Pelicans aren’t good enough to beat the Bulls at their house.

Bulls W 88-81

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