Here’s the daily picks.

Brian (140-146-2) – A 2-2 night, Sixers and Clippers couldn’t finish out their games for me, could have been back near .500. Here we go.

Lane (7-13) – Have not started out that well so far but I am looking to bounce back tonight.

Thomas – (0-0) – First night making some picks hopefully I look like a genius.

Brian – Pistons (-8.0) Over Sixers – Yea the Sixers did play it tight last night, which means they’ll get destroyed here.

Lane – Pistons (-8.0) Over Sixers – The Sixers are awful. I will never pick them again to cover unless they are +50.

Thomas – Pistons (-8.0) Over Sixers – I have friends from Detroit. The only thing here to enjoy is the smiles on their faces as the Pistons smash.

Brian – Pacers (-4.5) Over Heat – For the third straight night, we’ll be broadcasting this one LIVE on Rabble.Tv. Aside from that, Hassan Whiteside might not play, so I’ll go with Indy.

Lane – Pacer (-4.5) Over Heat – We will be bringing you this game live on But the Pacer’s defense will be too much for a suspect Heat team.

Thomas – Heat (+4.5) Over Pacers – This is going to be a good one on Rabble TV. I think Miami will cover this.

Brian – Cavaliers (-3.0) Over Magic – I’m sick of the Cavs not living up to their potential… But only 3 points? They should manage that.

Lane – Cavaliers (-3.0) Over Magic – The Cavs are a good team and people just dont want to admit it. They are only gonna get stronger as they get Kyrie back soon. They win this by at least 8.

Thomas – Cavaliers (-3.0) Over Magic – What? No. Give the Cavs a spec of credit. They’re #1 in the East!

Brian – Warriors (-6.0) Over Celtics – They’ll lose eventually… I just won’t have the guts to predict it.

Lane – Warriors (-6.0) Over Celtics – The Warriors, even without Thompson, have too many weapons for the Celtics to handle. Jimmy Butler dropped a career high 36 points 2 nights ago. Curry will go off. Look out for a 50 point night.

Thomas – Warriors (-6.0) Over Celtics – No Barnes, No Thompson, No home court, but the three point line still exists. Boston doesn’t cover this.

Brian – Raptors (-7.5) Over Bucks – The Raptors look unstoppable right now, coming off of a nice win against San Antonio.

Lane – Raptors (-7.5) Over Bucks – The Raptors are trying to show their dominance in the East coming off of an impressive home win over the Spurs.

Thomas – Raptors (-7.5) Over Bucks – Much love to the Milwaukee Fawns but Toronto has the second best backcourt in the league.

Brian – Wizards (+2.5) Over Pelicans – This is the “underachievers” bowl… What a joke.

Lane – Wizards (2.5) Over Pelicans – This is the story of a team that is not building right around one of the best players in the league. Compared to a team that has not played well and are looking to start getting it going.

Thomas – Wizards (+2.5) Over Pelicans – Do I have to…you know…watch this?

Brian – Hornets (+5.0) Over Grizzlies – Does Vegas not realize that Charlotte is kind of good right now?

Lane – Hornets (+5.0) Over Grizzlies – The Hornets are a good team this year. Very balanced behind the young guys off the bench and the veteran Nic Batum.

Brian – Thunder (-4.0) Over Jazz – The Thunder are just rolling right now. Durant, Westbrook, and even Ibaka are all killing it.

Lane – Thunder (-4.0) Over Jazz – The Thunder are rolling and building themselves into serious threats to the Warriors. They will win this game and Westbrook will have a triple double.

Thomas – Jazz (+4.0) Over Thunder – This is also good TV. Jazz lose but cover the spread .

Brian – Timberwolves (+1.0) Over Nuggets – Minnesota is still the better team… I don’t care where the game is played.

Lane – Timberwolves (+1.0) Over Nuggets – The Timberwolves have a lot of young explosive talent. They will win this game and be up by about 10 down the stretch.

Thomas – Timberwolves (+1.0) Over Nuggets – Only thing that makes this game worth it is if KG dunks on the Manimal. Tims win.

Brian – Spurs (-15.5) Over Lakers – Double the spread, and then maybe I’ll consider taking LA.

Lane – Spurs (-15.5) Over Lakers – The Spurs are coming in off a tough loss to the Raptors. They will be playing well as Pop lead teams rarely lose 2 in a row.

Thomas – Spurs (-15.5) Over Lakers – As an LA native…sigh.

Brian – Trail Blazers (+4.5) Over Suns – The Blazers can keep it within 4 right? Against a team that has blown so many leads? I’ll risk it here.

Lane – Trail Blazers (+4.5) Over Suns – The Blazers are a great scoring team. This is going to be a game well into the 100s and will need a late score to win.

Thomas – Trail Blazers (+4.5) Over Suns – Allen Crabbe is related to some of the biggest pastors in LA history. Some other forces will be with Portland in this game.

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